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Researchers at Hartpury College were curious to find out if audiobooks or music is helpful in reducing anxiety in shelter dogs. Shelters are a very stressful environment for many dogs and anything that can be used to reduce this stress can go a long way to improving their welfare.

Jacob is making a difference in the lives of shelter dogs, one book at a time.

Allie Longacre, 6, reads to Muffin, a cat, on Friday at the Porter County Animal Shelter. Student members of a book club from Hayes Leonard Elementary School in Valparaiso read to cats and dogs at the shelter.

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The first book – Animal lovers will enjoy these eight short stories about shelter dogs going on to do great things…Kids will find the heroics appealing, but the book’s greatest achievement may be its potential for increasing adoptions from shelters.

Audiobooks Could Make Life Happier And Easier For Shelter Dogs

has had a camera in her hands since she was 13 years old. Her outstanding work in concert photography speaks for itself, but her real gift is capturing touching moments with people and their pets. Suzanne believes that these beautiful creatures are the real stars of “Gimme Shelter”. The greatest accomplishment we can achieve with this book will be opening peoples eyes to the overwhelming numbers of pets that are abandoned and how it IS possible to greatly reduce the number of dogs and cats in shelters. Please SPAY/ NEUTER and MICROCHIP your pets… educate your children and teach them that pets are not toys. They are to be treated kindly with respect and love… Give love, Get love… pretty simple.

This Woman Comforts Shelter Dogs By Reading Them Children's Books

I think Shelter Dogs is awesome because I love dogs. The part of the book that I found to be interesting was when he people picked mixed breed dogs for important jobs. The dogs reminded me of myself because that?s my sign in the Chinese Zodiac. Most or all stories were about mixed breed dogs. One dog in the story could actually alert his owner of a seizure which I thought was pretty amazing.As part of my preparation for a writing club I taught last year about rescue animals, I read some of the pet books I’ve collected over the years, and am delighted to have found Shelter Dogs by Peg Kehret among them. This brief book of just over one hundred pages contains eight true stories mostly about dogs that came from The Humane Society in Washington State where Kehret has long volunteered. Shelter Dogs was an inspiring and educational read that I was sorry to have end.Our first children's picture book focuses on animal shelter dogs. The goal was to publish a book that will capture kid's attention, entertain them, and share a powerful message of pet adoption at the same time.But what Sue Sternberg writes about 'dominance' (how I dread this word) and aggressive or 'potentially aggressive' dogs contradicts almost every other book I have read from your authors. According to her, all of my three dogs should have been euthanasized, as one is fearful of strangers (he was beaten with sticks and kicked at as a puppy in a 'perrera' (kill shelter) in Spain, so no wonder he has problems with strangers) but according to Ms. Sternberg he would be potentially aggressive and better euthanasized, one is fearful of loud noises and movements from above (he was found as a puppy in a trash can in the middle of his already starved siblings, so no wonder he is afraid of things coming from above). But in her opinion he is also potentially aggressive and dangerous. Finally, our third little fellow is a former stray dog who was roaming the streets with a broken leg. He is quite bold and cheeky, otherwise he would probably not have survived. But according to Sue Sternberg he is not only dominant (!) but also potentially aggressive and dangerous.