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Vests For Service Dogs is dedicated to providing the highest quality working dog gear on the market for your K9 companions. Having a quality service dog vest or backpack is the first step in assisting your dog safely and effectively carrying out his or her duties as a working or service animal. From small service dogs or puppies to large working dogs, we can outfit your canine with the best service dog gear. All products are made in the USA!

sized service dog vests and service dog vests for small and medium sized dogs as well.

Next, let’s look at the . This one is like the Tiny Service Dog Cape Vest, just in a larger size. This one is for dogs with a chest girth of 26″-34″ and comes in 2 size options. Like the smaller version, it is made of high quality, lightweight mesh trimmed in reflective material. One of the most attractive features about this basic vest is the cost since this one is going to be at the lowest price point. This is really a determining factor for some, especially when working from a budget.

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Order a Tiny Service Dog vest for small dogs | TherapyDogVest The original Wiredog service dog vests are where we obtain much of our company pride from. Although our brand adorns over 80,000 working dogs, the mission has remained the same - each vest is made to order and is Made in the U.S.A. Whether you're looking for equipment for a small service dog that is alerting you to blood sugar levels or you are using our gear to outfit a larger dog, we will have exactly what you need. Every Wiredog harness SHIPS FREE and is Guaranteed for Life.

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Unfortunately, small or slender dogs get a bit of a raw deal. Consumers say the straps are way too long for them and the buckles are unnecessarily bulky. This is quite possibly one of the best service dog vests on the market, except perhaps if you have a small service dog. Even then, it’s probably worth trying as modification may still give you a better vest than others available to you.

vests and service dog vests for small and medium sized dogs too