Puppy training tips from our experiences as service dog puppy raisers

takes each dog through a two-year, comprehensive and customized training program to meet the specific needs of its human partner. They then train the dog and its partner to work together as a team. The key to success is to get the right dog with the right partner, and to nurture them. CPL has one of the strongest follow-up programs in the industry that ensures the success of each team throughout the lifetime of their partnership. Dogs entering the service dog program move into the CPL kennel on their first birthday (having finished their first year in a volunteer puppy home learning basic obedience and socialization) and will remain there until they are two. During this second year of training they will perfect and expand the obedience skills that the puppy homes have begun, increase the intensity of environments in which they are expected to work, and learn the particular skills needed to assist a person who has a disability.

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Sometimes dogs in training cannot be placed as service dogs due to reasons such as health or temperament. In the event that a puppy needs to be released from the program, we will evaluate the situation and determine what is best for the puppy.

Training Service Dogs: From Puppy to Invaluable Partner

“Sharing our puppy training tips and experiences as guide and service dog puppy raisers.” A World War II veteran celebrating his 100th birthday on Saturday got a sweet surprise when he found out a puppy training to be a service dog had been named after him.

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Training your dog/puppy is one of the most basic and important things you cando. It will not only teach the dogmanners and commands, but it will strengthen the bond between you and yourdog. Having a strong bond with a servicedog is extremely important.

What Commands Do You Teach A Service Dog Puppy In Training?

How old are puppies when they are placed in foster homes?
Puppies are placed in foster homes between 7 – 12 weeks of age. We believe strongly in early education and the puppy will begin its service dog training classes by 12 weeks of age. Will I get to meet the individual who receives the dog I train?
Yes, as a puppy raiser you will have the opportunity to meet the individual who receives the dog you trained. Applicants for service dogs complete two weeks of team training with their potential service dog followed by a graduation ceremony (held once each year). You will participate in the graduation, hand off the dog to its new person, and celebrate the team and reaching the goal of your dog graduating as a service dog.