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Deep skin scrapings (~4 cm2), involving squeezing and then scraping the skin until capillary oozing was seen, were made from 5 different body areas showing clinical signs of sarcoptic mange before treatment. Dogs with mite positive scrapings were eligible for inclusion, and scrapings were repeated 4 weeks after treatment, to measure treatment efficacy. Each scraping was transferred to a separate labelled microscope slide containing mineral oil and was examined under a stereomicroscope for presence of live S. scabiei var. canis mites. The numbers of live mites were counted in each scraping.

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Take your dog to the veterinarian, if you suspect he has scabies. The doctor will need to perform tests, including a skin scrape, to positively identify that your dog indeed harbors the mite. From there, she may prescribe a few treatments.

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Treatment of Scabies in Dogs Fluralaner (Bravecto; Merck Animal Health, Madison, NJ) is available as oral and topical formulations. The fluralaner trial included 29 client-owned dogs with natural S scabiei infestations. Dogs living in the same household were also treated but were not included in efficacy calculations. Nine dogs received a single oral dose of fluralaner (minimum dose, 25 mg/kg). Eleven dogs received a single topical dose of fluralaner solution (25 mg/kg). Nine control dogs received topical saline. Skin scrapings and clinical assessments were performed four weeks later. After four weeks, mite counts were reduced by 100% in all dogs in the treatment groups and in three control dogs. Most clinical signs of S scabies infestation improved to some degree in both treatment groups, but scales increased. The authors attributed the variability in clinical sign resolution to local irritation caused by dead mites.

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Authors of the afoxolaner trial concluded that oral afoxolaner cured S scabies infestation in one month and resolved clinical signs in most dogs by two months. Because a single mite was found in one of the control dogs treated with afoxolaner at the end of the study, they suggest that “a second treatment is probably needed to reach complete antiparasitic efficacy in any case.”

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