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Many people will add a provision in their will, listing specific people to take over their guardianship. Some will also include an animal organization. Should you wish to include Save-A-Pet, we do ask that a specific bequest be included in your will for a $5,000 donation per animal to Save-A-Pet, EIN 23-7304570. This donation will help cover the cost for the care of your cat or dog.


Thank you for your interest in donating to Save-A-Pet. We believe that every animal has a purpose and we strive to give every dog and cat a second chance at a new life. With generous donations from people like you, we have helped over 61,000 animals! Make a difference in the life of an animal by donating.

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Save-A-Dog Scheme | LinkedIn I call her Roxy and she has been a wonderful companion. She is now 10 years old and still in great shape. She (& I) lost some weight by walking. We now live in New Haven, Connecticut where she has a great doggy-roomate. They love to play together or just lay around together. Thank you so much for bringing her into the Save-A-Dog world! She is no longer plagued by separation anxiety because she knows I'm always there for her. We love going to the dog park, although she doesn't chase the tennis ball as much as she used to. She has been healthy, so I'm fortunate for that. And she's still strong on a leash, but the harness-type style has helped a lot.

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Nancy and her group arrived at the St Francis Sanctuary in Mississippi at about 1:30 PM on Monday, and found the accommodations to be less than adequate. Subsequently, the president of Save-A-Dog asked them to head over to the Lamar-Dixon staging area in Gonzales, Louisiana where they have a FEMA tent set up with cots and A/C. This has allowed them to focus more on the animals rather than their own well-being.

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