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After the Nordkyn line, I tried a number of other lines and have since gone for softer options on the hands, because I often have to hold the dogs in if we do any road running and at the start of races.

Made out of strong elastic, the running line will keep you and your dog(s) comfortable while being active.

Noblesville, Indiana
December 28, 2004

This ordinance allows dogs to be tethered as long as tethers are at least 10 feet long, terminate in swivels at both ends, attach to a proper collar or harness, and are connected to a running line at least 10 feet long and less than 7 feet above the ground. Dogs tethered in any other manner may not be tethered more than eight total hours in any 24 hour period.

Chapter 90.03 Hitching or Tying: No animal shall be hitched, tied or fastened by any rope, chain or cord that is directly attached to the animal’s neck. Animals that must be tied, hitched or fastened to restrain them must wear a properly fitted collar or harness made of leather or nylon not of the choker type. This is not to prohibit the proper use of choke collars in the training of animals. A person may not restrain an animal by a fixed point chain or tether less than 10 feet for more than eight hours in a 24 hour period unless the chain or tether is at least 10 feet long, has swivels at each end and is attached to a pulley or trolley mounted cable at least 10 feet in length and mounted no more than seven feet above ground level. Any outside caged or penned animal or dog shall be kept in a cage or pen no less than 10x10x4 feet in size, equaling a 100 square foot roaming area. Violations shall be considered a Class A infraction.

Dog Trolley - Animal Liberation Front

Double Line. Our Price: $20.00. Attachment for Running Line for use with two dog teams or to walk two dogs. Matches Running line. Dogs are allowed under California law to be attached to a running line, pulley, or trolley system, but cannot be tethered to those by use of a choke or pinch collar.

The dog can run back and forth the length of the line

Sec. 14-36. Tethering of Dogs
It shall be unlawful for a dog to be tethered outdoors, except when all of the following conditions are met:
(a) The dog is not tethered outside for a period of longer than six (6) consecutive hours without the owner or individual who tethered the dog, or who is otherwise responsible for the care and maintenance of the dog, having direct physical contact with the dog.
(b) The tethering device complies with the following requirements:
(1) The tethering device is not placed directly around the dog’s neck;
(2) The tethering device is connected to the dog using a buckle-type collar or a body harness made of nylon or leather at least one inch in width;
(3) The length is at least (a) five times the length of the dog’s body, as measured from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail or (b) ten (10) feet long, whichever is greater;
(4) Both ends of the tethering device terminate with a swivel;
(5) The tethering device does not weigh more than 1/8 of the dog’s weight; and
(6) The tethering device is not prone to becoming tangled.
(c) The dog is tethered in such a manner as to prevent injury, strangulation, or entanglement with the dog or other objects.
(d) The dog is not outside during periods of extreme weather, including but not limited to the following:
(1) those times when the National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning for the Town of Smyrna;
(2) those times when the temperature is at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius;
(3) thunderstorms;
(4) tornadoes;
(5) tropical storms; and
(6) hurricanes.
(e) The tethering device shall allow the dog adequate access to food and water containers, shelter, and dry ground.
(f) The dog is not sick or injured or a puppy less than six (6) months of age.
(g) Any pulley, running line, or trolley systems used to tether the dog is at least 15 feet in length and is less than 7 feet above the ground.
(h) If there are multiple dogs, the dogs are tethered such that they cannot come into contact with each other.

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