9"; Plastic flying disc is perfect for outdoor fun and exercise

This is by far the best dog Frisbee on the market right now. As previously mentioned, durability is a must and this Frisbee delivers just that. Made with soft rubber and nylon, this Frisbee can be taken anywhere and look like new afterwards. Not to mention this Flippy Flopper is safer for your dog’s teeth than other harder conventional Frisbees.

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Frisbees for dogs are similar to the regular ones – these are flying discs that are intended for use as fetch toys under supervised play, and not as chew toys. The word of warning is that you should not leave your dog alone with a Frisbee toy, only something that has been specifically made for chewing. Even the best dog Frisbee may be made of rubber or cloth that could be toxic or cause an intestinal blockage if swallowed. So no chewing allowed!

Zisc Flying Disc | West Paw Design

80%OFF BITE: BallBee (Ball/Frisbee); Floating Pool Toys for Dogs – Durable Rubber Water Toys (Size: Medium Dog Toys) (Color: Red) My athletic dog, Annie, also loves the . This is Kong’s soft and durable rubber frisbee. Regular plastic frisbees always crack and break when Annie leaps into the air and catches them, but these soft, flexible frisbees just bend in her mouth and then pop back into shape when she drops them. The Flyer is always in perfect condition even if it’s covered in a lot of slobber.

The is also a great way for our dogs to get some exercise, and it also provides us with the opportunity to get in on the game and play along!

Astrobone Flying Astro Disc-Dogs love to play fetch

An equally important selling point is that the flyer is made of soft rubber. For dogs who like to catch frisbees, it’s much easier on the mouth.

This frisbee dog toy is tough and flys well