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Since the discovery of the potentially dangerous effects of BPA on children, some dog toy manufacturers have already started the manufacture BPA Free dog toys. Also look for U.S. 100% natural rubber toys for your puppy’s safety.

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Many more studies have yet to be conducted, especially regarding the safety of these rubber and plastic toys and the chemicals that are leached into our dogs’ bodies. However, Smith and Wooten’s research indicated that levels of BPA and phthalates contained within dog toys are higher than those normally found in children’s toys.

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Petgreat Pet Rubber Pacifier Thimble Dog Toys,Safe,TPR material on sale The safest dog toys are those that do not splinter or break. Hard rubber toys such as Kongs, Dogzilla chew toys or Chompion hard rubber dog toys are durable and can withstand even the most aggressive chewers. In addition to these tough dog toys, pet supply retailer recommends Nylabones, which are shaped like real bones but are made of synthetic, digestible materials. The company also advises giving dogs interactive toys made of hard plastic or rubber that conceal treats that come out when the dog paws, pushes or rolls the toy, such as Puzzle Balls. These toys are highly recommended because they keep dogs from getting bored, satisfy aggressive chewers, and can be left for dogs when they are home alone without fear of them chewing off pieces that can be swallowed. Rope toys, which are usually bone-shaped and have strong knots on each end, are great for chewing and playing fetch. In addition, the rope fibers work great as a dental floss for the dog's teeth. Some rope toys come combined with hard vinyl in the middle, which is good for massaging gums.

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