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Customer reviews of Royal Canin dog food formulas are mixed. There are many ingredients in Royal Canin dog food that have been the main cause of negative dog food reviews. The inclusion of corn, wheat and other filler ingredients is cited as a negative factor by many dog owners. Also, the fact that many of Royal Canin’s dog food formulas contain added salt was not well-received by consumers.

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Hi Dora
Thank you for the information in your article. I am seeking a high quality food to feed my dog with a grade 5 heart murmur. I was going to hose the Royal canin cardiac food but I am not impressed after reading your review. I wondered if you could recommend a higher quality food for the cardiac patient?
Many thanks

Royal Canin Dog Food Reviews, Coupons and Recalls 2017

Have a comment or question about our Royal Canin dog food review? Want to share your experiences with others? We welcome your comments! SOO basically no one can answer the golden question:”whats a better urinary tract health food than science diet c/d?” i have a vet that is insisting on using Science diet c/d because my dog just got over bladder crystals…but seeing the review..HAHA i won’t even touch that shit! sorry but i love my dog and just want to find something better, he mentioned royal canine has a c/d like brand?? has anyone tried it? well I hope someone has suggestions!

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I was just at my Vet and got Maxwell some of the Royal Canin Gastrointestonal HE dry, seems that Royal Canin is sole owner of the company now. They are producing their products in a commune in Southern France ONLY. Royal Canin S.A.S. Their brand of wet Gastro HE, which I have been feeding Maxwell as per my Vets instructions, looks like a completely different dog food now, the ingredients are not at all the same or listed in the same order. I am surprised my Vet did not catch that. Just updating you guys as this just recently took place and I do not think it fair to feed my dog someting I have not been told about. I will call my Vet first thing Mon. morning. They (Royal Canin) used to be located in Mo, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada. They do not answer their phones either. Maybe you will have a chance to review their new ingredients and compare as to better or worse in their vdry and wet foods. Maxwell is out of food and to my displeasure, I will hope for the best and feed him this new wet food Sat. night and Sunday am/pm. I still like the Acana dog food, looks like one of the best, IF my dog would be able to tolerate it, i may make the change.
Thank you,
Allan R. Pentecost & Maxwell

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