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super soft small brown Rolled Leather Martingale Dog Collar - 14"/18" - Germany

I'm pretty sure I have a rolled leather slip, leather slip, and rolled leather martingale. Don't see that listed but they can probably make whatever you want. I have three collars and a leash from this site and use them to show my dogs. Nice stuff.

Auburn Leathercrafters Rolled Leather Martingale Collar - DOGSTRONG

Rolled Leather Dog Collar Martingale Soft Padded Training Yellow Puppy Small Medium Large Comments: I have two retired Greyhounds and will participate in the Carolina Rennaissance Fair with the Hounds of Easthaven. For those unfamiliar with this ancient, royal beed, Greyhounds require special Martingale collars, as their neck are larger than their heads. The collars had to be leather, in keeping with the Fair’s medieval theme, and bigdogboutique had GREAT leather and chain collars in the correct size delivered in just 3-4 days! GREAT BUYING EXPERIENCE
Sizing: true to size

Leather Martingale Dog Collar Rolled - 22 - Tan.

Comments: This collar was ordered for my newly adopted Sheltie who had a frightening habit of slipping her old collar and bolting when something startled her. On advice of my dog trainer I was using a choke type collar to prevent the bolting, but since she is otherwise a gentle little dog, the choke collar seemed a bit harsh. The rolled leather martingale is perfect for this dog, gentler on her for daily use, but giving the control needed in those scary bolting situations. The collar is beautifully made, almost a work of art. The deep rich color looks beautiful on the Sheltie. This is the first Sheltie I have had and I was amazed and awed by the thickness of her coat. The rolled style of this collar and softness of the leather surface does not interfere with the long, thick fur of the dog’s ruff and does not cause snarls or mats to form. It fits perfectly, comfortably easy for most of the time, but snugs up just right so she can’t slip out of it when she wants to bolt. The bolting has become less of a worry as we have been working on training and socializing, but I am still glad to have that bit of control when the need arises. The martingale style suits the purpose perfectly. This collar has quite possibly saved this dog’s life on more than one occasion.
Sizing: true to size

Leather Martingale Dog Collar Rolled - 22 - Tan