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Infected pets remain contagious for about three weeks if aggressive treatment is used. The ringworm will last longer and remain contagious for an extended period of time if only minimal measures are taken or if you are not faithful with the prescribed approach. Minimizing exposure to other dogs or cats and to your family members is recommended during this period.

Ringworm treatment for your dogs or cats includes the same drugs used in humans ..

Until Athena, got ringworm, I thought ringworm was a simple skin infection that would yield easily to treatment. In her case, however, I was mistaken. In this post, I hope to provide useful information about ringworm causes, signs, symptoms, treatments, and home care that can speed the treatment for other dogs with ringworm. I learned this through researching Athena’s ordeal as well as numerous vet visits, veterinary specialists, tests and cultures, rigorous home health practices, and numerous and sometimes expensive treatments.

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Ringworm treatment for dogs is available over the counter or by prescription only Get a diagnosis of ringworm from your veterinarian. Similar skin problems in dogs, such as skin parasites, skin allergies or yeast infections, can take on a similar appearance with similar symptoms. A veterinarian must diagnose ringworm before treatment can begin.

Ringworm Infection in Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Normally it is seen that vets recommend for antifungal ringworm shampoo for dogs which is to be applied on the entire skin of the dog. It is very important to follow each and every advice of the vet very carefully to get the best treatment for dogs ringworm.

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Petting a dog requires a strong commitment because you must make sure that your dog is happy and healthy. There are many illnesses that can be found on dogs including ringworm. This fact means that you should find the best way to protect your dog from getting ill. However, when your dogs are ill, you are responsible to find the best treatment as soon as possible.What is Ringworm?As when your dog is diagnosed with ringworm, it is important for you to know what ringworm is and how to treat it. Many dog owners might think that ringworm is caused by worm. In fact, ringworm is a fungal infection. It can infect human and animals including dog.What are the General Symptoms of Ringworm Infection in Dogs?The symptoms of ringworm in dogs can be found on head, ears, paws and forelimbs. Dogs infected by ringworm will develop bald spots with red in the center. In bad cases, ringworm can spread over the most of a dog’s body, causing baldness on most of a dog’s body. In the mildest cases, dogs that are infected by ringworm do not show any signs. This fact actually becomes one of the reasons why you need to bring your dog to a vet in a regular basis.Which Dogs Have the Highest Risks of Ringworm?Basically, healthy and happy dogs have the least risks of ringworm. Malnourished dogs and less than one year puppies have the highest risks of ringworm. If your dog belongs to one of these groups, you should pay attention to your dog’s behavior lately.Treating Ringworm in DogsBasically, to treat ringworm in dogs, you need to know the severity of the problem. Usually, for milder cases, veterinarian will prescribe a medicated shampoo containing Miconazole. An ointment that contains this ingredient is also often prescribed. Sometimes, oral medications are also prescribed for medium cases. For severe cases, veterinarian may prescribe both topical and oral treatments in order to boost the result.Phytozine for Ringworm Treatment in DogsBecause ringworm can infect your dogs anytime, you might be prefer to store an over the counter medication. In this case, Phytozine is a great choice. This medication is created specifically to treat ringworm. it can diminish and cure ringworm infection immediately, allowing your dogs to avoid baldness. Therefore, if you do care with the health of your dogs, you had better check your dog’s skin in regular basis and store Phytozine at home. Ringworm treatment for dogs and ringworm treatment for cats are not so different. The treatment option for both cats and dogs will depend on the severity of the infection. Initial treatment for only a few areas affected requires the use of topical antifungal medications. Treatment usually takes about four to six weeks to prevent the infection from recurring. When more areas are affected, adding antifungal shampoos and dips may be necessary. Note that pets with long furs may need to be shaved for a more effective treatment.