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You will find that most Wellness dog food reviews applaud the brand for its natural, high protein recipes with a unique use of holistic ingredients. We would have to agree that this is a high quality food with a lot of very strong points.

Hi Anita… The Dog Food Advisor is a review and ratings website. So, you may want to contact Wellness Customer Service with your suggestions.

I have tried Wellness a few times, mostly because of dogfoodadvisor’s reviews. Unfortunately, each time, all 5 of my dogs get diarrhea. I bought the puppy formula for my youngest and she won’t even eat it. She would rather eat the Kirkland Chicken and rice or the 4Health Chicken and rice. I thought I would try better and more expensive foods, but if they won’t eat them, or if they give them diarrhea, then it is not worth it.

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Mar 9, 2016 - Wellness Dog Food Review | Wellness Pet Food makes Super5Mix, CORE , and Simple Solutions | Wellness® pet food = Premium Dog Food. Hello,
My small dog is currently on Solid Gold Hund n Flocken which I can’t get in my area. I’ve been buying it from a pet shop when I go visit my family in another state. I was so glad to find out that recently Wellness is now available at my local Petsmart. I had heard good things about this food in the past but now I have been researching and looking up reviews and some are not so good. Especially the more recent reviews of Wellness. I am a little hesitant about changing my dog’s food because she has been doing well on Solid Gold. But the Wellness is now convenient for me to buy here. Any advice?

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I have been feeding my goldens Natural Balance LID food, but I’m going to look for something else since all the changes I read about and my dogs also were drinking the great lakes dry while on it. One of my dogs also developed an allergy we think is related to the NB food. After reading about other peoples dogs drinking water excessively, it rang some bells about how much my dogs have been drinking. I never thought it might be food related. We have 3 goldens and they were all drinking crazy amounts of water. So we’re now looking for a quality food for our dogs that really is “balanced”. After reading all these reviews on the Wellness brand that is rated second best kind of scares me. Worms, moths, diarrhea and food poisoning has got me convinced that this brand is not where it should be on the list. I’ll pass on the bugs. Orijen is too pricey for me, and from what I read about the Fromm brand, it looks like a winner to me having never had a recall and all the good reviews from consumers. I think you guys need to reevaluate this Wellness brand and move it on down the list and bump Fromm up one spot.

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