What do you do when your dog has been sprayed by a skunk

If your dog has been sprayed by a skunk, therefore, the first thing to do is to determine which part of the dog's body has been sprayed. If your dog got sprayed in the eyes, take immediate steps to thoroughly flush and then medicate his eyes (before taking steps to remove skunk smell from the dog).

This page shows you how to remove skunk smell from dogs effectively, just in case your curious dog gets sprayed by a skunk!

We’ve been fortunate that our dog has never been sprayed by a skunk (knock on wood!), but if he ever is, we’ll be prepared with the following tips on how to remove skunk smell from dogs!

Use the following remedy to remove the skunk smell from your dog

Skunk smell removal from dogs Needless to say, Simon, his dad and I had a miserable night before we used this formula for removing skunk spray from dogs. Simon was put in quarantine in the backyard until the next morning when we could better clean him up (it is always best to do this as soon as possible but in Simon's case we were so exhausted that we decided to wait till the following morning when we could bathe him at our shop- which had a nice big horse trough for his smelly behind)

Oct 3, 2015 - Getting Rid of the Skunk Smell on Dogs

This video quickly covers a solution to remove the skunk smell from your dog after it has been sprayed. The process covered in this video is one of many that work, but it's seems to be the one that works best for me. CAUTION: Do not get the de-skunk solution into your dogs eyes. Do not leave this solution on too long, or it may bleach your dogs fur. De-skunking your dog is not a fun task, but it's worth it and this de-skunk solution works!

- 1 cup of baking soda
- 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
- 1 teaspoon of dish detergent
- Wet down dog with water
- Begin applying solution to various areas, working into fur
- Work through fur for about 5 minutes
- Quick rinse
- Wash with dog shampoo
- Rinse thoroughly

Try this home remedy for removing skunk odor from dogs