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Remember when you tested the shock collar on yourself. Remember the range between noticing the collar and the collar hurts? Your dog has a similar range. Keep it in mind.

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Esky® 330 Yards Range Rechargeable LCD Remote Shock Dog Training Collar 2 Dogs Because of the findings of Studies to assess the effect of pet training aids, specifically remote static pulse systems, on the welfare of domestic dogs4 scientists initiated a fourth study; Studies to assess the effect of pet training aids, specifically remote static pulse systems, on the welfare of domestic dogs; field study of dogs in training5. This study was designed to investigate how dogs would react when a shock collar was used per the manufacturer’s instructions. The study looked at three different groups of dogs; all with owners that had reported their dog either had a poor recall or chased cars, bicycles or animals. One group of dogs was trained with a shock collar by dog trainers that had been trained by shock collar manufacturers; the second group of dogs was trained by the same dog trainers but with positive reinforcement. The last group of dogs was trained by members of the UK APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) using positive reinforcement. The conclusion of the researchers: “…the study did find behavioural evidence that use of e-collars negatively impacted on the welfare of some dogs during training even when training was conducted by professional trainers using relatively benign training programmes advised by e-collar advocates.” The study also demonstrated that the shock collar was not any more effective at resolving recall and chasing behaviors than positive reinforcement training. This supports another recent study6 that concluded: “more owners using reward based methods for recall/chasing report a successful outcome of training than those using e-collars.”

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Other factors to consider are how you dog will feel about their yard, the space you have designed to give them “freedom.” Sadly I have consulted with clients where the experience of being shocked in the yard causes the dog to refuse to go into the yard. Even more distressing, I have worked with clients where the dog now trembles in terror anytime it hears a beep that sounds anything like the beep of the shock collar (e.g. your mobile phone when you get a text, the smoke alarm when the battery is low). The beep even without the shock can and does cause anxiety.

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