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Combining hydrogen peroxide, water, and apple cider vinegar can also be an effective remedy for ear infection. You have to slowly place this solution in the dog’s ear as you rub the base of his ear. After that, get a cotton ball and gently clean the ear and the area surrounding it. This is a great way to prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast inside your pet’s ear.


Most of the times, an infection is caused by yeast, bacteria, and mites. These usually affect the external or middle ear, leading to otitis externa or otitis media. However, if you are not sure exactly what is wrong with your dog’s ear, it’s advisable to consult a professional vet before using any of the remedies.

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In the search for natural remedies for dog ear infection, here are the three most important things you can do. 6 Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infections-Dog ear infection can be cause by a variety of factors. Don't wait for foul discharges to come out of his ears. Take action before the infection gets worse. #dog #infections

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Ear problems are most probably one of the most common and recurring health complaints to plague our furry companions. Some dogs are more prone to ear infections than others. In this article we'll take a look at which dogs are more likely to suffer from ear infections, how to spot them and how home remedies for dog ear infection can help your pet.

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A dog ear infection can cause a lot of discomfort in your pet and can also lead to complications if left untreated. The dog will experience extreme itchiness and the condition may evolve, being able toperforate the ear drum and cause deafness. If you notice an ear infection in your dog, you can apply some at home remedies. Vinegar or acetic acid can be effective in treating ear infections.We get asked from time to time about which ingredients should be used in a home remedy for dog ear infections. Usually, the reason people look for home remedies is to save money. Our philosophy at Vet Organics revolves around the following:Garlic has also been found to be a good home remedy because of theherb’s antibiotic properties. One just needs to mash two cloves ofgarlic with a cup of olive oil and let it sit for two weeks. After twoweeks, strain the mixture and warm it up a bit. Then place 2 to 3 dropsof oil in the infected ear until the infection clears-up. This is agood remedy if a dog is prone to frequent infections because of thetime it takes to make. However, if one does not have the premadesolution on hand, oil from a garlic gel capsule can be used.When our product was first formulated, we did not know specifically which type of ear infection each dog owner would be trying to treat. Some ingredients are effective on yeast infections but not mites, while others are effective on gram negative bacteria but not gram positive. We formulate our products using natural ingredients which would be effective on the widest possible variety of infections and we do not use any industrial chemicals, pesticides, or antibiotics. We suggest you build your home remedy with the same philosophy.