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While she was able to dismantle this awesome rope and dried sweet potato contraption, it at least took her a little longer, and she seemed to really love it. Molly was probably able to obliterate this because she is so tough (doesn't she just look so tough?), but it would be awesome (and probably last a little longer) for dogs who don't shred toys up in record time, as well as for puppies.

The Nylabone toys are really good as are deer antlers. Kongs are also pretty tough but our dog doesn’t like them as much.

Something that often gets overlooked with dog toys is that some dogs, especially strong chewers, like to do more than just chew. Some dogs like to play with balls. Not fetch necessarily – my dog refuses to fetch, but loves to play with balls on his own. However, he always destroys regular balls. For these dogs, the Staffy Ball is great – too tough to be broken, dogs who chew a little too rough with regular balls can still enjoy all the fun of a ball with a Staffy Ball. Some dogs really like to push a ball around, kind of like playing soccer with the ball. The Staffy Ball is great for those types of dogs as well.

Give rough and tumble chewers a toy that is tough enough to last

does a really fantastic job at creating great dog toys for tough chewers. The tuffy dog toy works wonders. At my job we have 2 of these and one of the dogs love to just sit and chew on this. Mind you she is only like 20 lbs but she tears things up. She has had it for the last 3 months and is just starting to tear but is still good and will probably last another month or two before we need to replace it. For a $10 toy 6 months is a long time to last for a constant chewer. Before she would go through a toy in about 3 days. That is why the Tuffy is a part of the great tough dog toys!

Fluff & Tuff: Tough Plush Dog Toys

Dog toys can be a great source of entertainment, mental stimulation, and even dental hygiene for your pet. Plus, chew toys help take their focus off of the desire to chew your things! Unfortunately, though, a lot of toys are more hassle than they're worth. They fall apart or get destroyed easily, making a mess and wasting your money. That's why it's worth it to invest in the toughest ones!

Sophisticated, Ultra Plush, Durable Dog Toys

If you didn’t know already, I’m the kind of dog that can destroy the average toy in mere minutes. No make that seconds! Stuffed toys are totally my jam, and I love pulling off eyes, ripping tails, and putting a pile of cotton all over the floor. So needless to say I don’t get those kinds of toys very often. You can even check out a post I did last year about all the toys that have made it into my “” – as even sometimes the tough ones eventually do.Though size of dog is not always an indication of their aggressive chewing power (compare a Terrier or Bulldog to a gentle giant-like Great Dane for example), generally all of our toys and especially our are virtually indestructible to all but the most aggressive chewers. Any dog toy manufacturer claiming a toy is completely indestructible is exaggerating because even the toughest dog toys need to have some "give" which inevitably leads to potential breakage. If the could not sink their teeth into a toy, it would almost certainly damage them, leaving you with a hefty dental bill and who needs that!Planet Dog makes lots of great toys that are strong enough for tough chewers like me, but one of my favorites is this Raspberry. It’s the perfect size for me and it’s especially good when my mom fills it up with a little peanut butter. This size lasts quite a long time, and eventually some of mine have needed replacing (if only because I chew on them so often).The Tuffy toys are tough for a reason: they are constructed with durability in mind. The materials used to make the toys are tough, and the each toy has anywhere from 3 to 7 rows of stitching on each section of the toy. Even more impressive, the fabrics used are luggage-grade, meaning that they can take some abuse before tearing, and each toy can have up to four layers of this material, with protective webbing. Those toys which do have squeakers to keep a dog’s attention also come with protective pockets, meaning that it will take that much longer for your dog to get to them, and more than enough time for you to get to the toy and remove the squeaker. This company has your dog’s safety in mind when they produce their products.