Raised Oval Rattan Dog Bed from Charley Chau - Luxury Dog Beds.

Give your dog their own enclosed space while on your open deck. The Indoor/Outdoor Igloo Dog Bed gives your dog a hide-a-way you can place in or outside your home. The Igloo is made of waterproof plastic rattan material and includes a comfortable outdoor cushion. It is 25" in diameter, 20" high, large enough for your medium size dog to crawl into and nap.

Dressed Greywash Rattan Dog Basket from Charley Chau - Luxury Dog Beds

It seems as though we might have to rename our dog beds as cats love them too! Here's a beautiful snapshot of three very happy cat customers looking rather comfortable in our Bolster Faux Leopard PET bed. Room for one more? #cats #pets #oka #petbeds

Raised Oval Rattan Dog Bed | Beautiful, UX/UI Designer and Dog beds

Natural Rattan Dog Basket - Blanket Dog Bed Set – Charley Chau - luxury dog beds & blankets Every dog has a favorite place to cuddle up for a snooze whether it's indoors or outdoors, in a crate or in the middle of your floor. Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes to suit dogs of all kinds. Find the right bed for your dog's preferences, needs and style.

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We have dog beds and pet beds from Extra Small to Extra Extra Extra Large. Here are some tips to find out what size your dog is. Please use our easy Size Guide to measure your pup and find the right bed or crate. Be aware, these are approximations. If you have questions, we can help by phone or email. We have over 30 years of dog experience to guide you!

The Raised Rattan Dog Bed from Charley Chau - Luxury Dog Beds.