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I found a bat in my backyard that was positive for rabies. I found it in an area I see often in my yard and the area my dogs donot go to. Because the bat was positive for rabies all the dogs are being quarantined and re-vacinated for rabies was required that day too. The little 5 pound dog was just vacinated 3 months ago. even with proof of vacine. She was real sick to her stomach for a few days and she just didn’t look well. I thought it was the vacine but others said no its stress because she misses her friends the big dogs that had to be quarantied for 6 months even though they have each had 3 rabies shots and they are only 3 1/2 what the heck. This will change my precious to us dogs forever Im affraid. It breaks my heart. I could understand the 30 days like the little one but 6 months and they didn’t touch the bat? Whats that about?

Where required to have rabies shots, cats must wear their tag on a collar, just like dogs.

What to do when your State requires your pet be vacinated?? I have personally almost lost two dogs to Rabies shots and one was done by a Holistic vet with over $700 vet bills to save him. Of course needless to say it was another vet that saved him. I think it is most important to change the law, not the vets. Our precious pets are not welcome at day care centers or any place where the law requires they have all their shots. It is not fair. Pets depend on us to do whats right for them not kill them. Just my opinion.

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HEALTH DEPARTMENT OFFERS FREE RABIES SHOTS FOR CATS, DOGS AND FERRETS ON SUNDAY, APRIL 24, 2016 Whether required for dogs or cats, rabies shots must be administered by a licensed veterinarian. The vet gives the owner a certificate of vaccination, and should file one with the county within 20 days.

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The specific state law for dogs says any dog at least 4 months old must be inoculated for rabies. After the first shot, "every dog shall have a second rabies vaccination within one year." After the second shot, the schedule for booster shots depends on the particular vaccine used. It seems to vary between every year and every three years.

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Local law dictates the frequency of your dog’s rabies shots after his first booster. In some areas dogs must be vaccinated annually, in the hopes that giving the vaccine more often will result in a higher level of immunity and resistance to the disease. In other places, such as Arizona, lawmakers have determined that there’s no evidence to prove that giving shots more often provides any more protection than waiting the maximum allowable time, so dogs in these places only need a rabies shot once every three years.Rabies shots for Cats and Dogs Rabies Shots are required by New Jersey state law for all dogs and cats, even those who are primarily indoor or indoor only. The first Rabies vaccine is good for one year. Each vaccine after that is good for 3 years.If your dog should have an allergic reaction to any medication or vaccine, always alert your veterinarian and ask that a note be made in their file. Your dog may have to be dosed with an antihistamine or an anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) prior to vaccinations for the rest of his life to prevent reactions to the vaccine itself. For the safety of yours and other animals, rabies shots are required at the minimum for dogs in most states. It is rare that states give an exemption to the rabies vaccination by the authority of your veterinarian. Though in some states it is allowed if a veterinarian determines that, for health reasons, the dog should no longer receive said vaccine until the patient is deemed healthy enough to receive the vaccination again. The veterinarian may also request that your pet stay in the office up to 30 minutes after your appointment has finished to monitor your dog’s reaction to the vaccination. So why are dogs supposed to get rabies shots every three years? I know I'm no expert, but there's more than meets the eye here regarding rabies shots. The law requires rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats. That's for our safety, not for the animal's.