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The specific state law for dogs says any dog at least 4 months old must be inoculated for rabies. After the first shot, "every dog shall have a second rabies vaccination within one year." After the second shot, the schedule for booster shots depends on the particular vaccine used. It seems to vary between every year and every three years.

A: Illinois law just requires rabies shots for dogs. The tag that proves the dog got shots must be worn on a collar.

Rabies shots for Cats and Dogs Rabies Shots are required by New Jersey state law for all dogs and cats, even those who are primarily indoor or indoor only. The first Rabies vaccine is good for one year. Each vaccine after that is good for 3 years.

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A long row of dogs of all different types and sizes lined up down Market Street leading up to Firehouse 1 for the free rabies shots. If not, you’ve got until Jan. 1 to get those shots before a new state rule kicks in requiring all dogs, cats and ferrets to be vaccinated against rabies.

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Is your pet vaccinated against rabies? If not, you've got until Jan. 1 to get those shots before a new state rule kicks in requiring all dogs, cats and ferrets to be vaccinated against rabies.

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If your dog should have an allergic reaction to any medication or vaccine, always alert your veterinarian and ask that a note be made in their file. Your dog may have to be dosed with an antihistamine or an anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) prior to vaccinations for the rest of his life to prevent reactions to the vaccine itself. For the safety of yours and other animals, rabies shots are required at the minimum for dogs in most states. It is rare that states give an exemption to the rabies vaccination by the authority of your veterinarian. Though in some states it is allowed if a veterinarian determines that, for health reasons, the dog should no longer receive said vaccine until the patient is deemed healthy enough to receive the vaccination again. The veterinarian may also request that your pet stay in the office up to 30 minutes after your appointment has finished to monitor your dog’s reaction to the vaccination. We will not be administering distemper or bordetella shots after 6:00pm on clinic dates. You must arrive no later than 6:00pm if you intend to receive a distemper or bordatella. Dogs and cats must be older than 4 months to receive a rabies shot. We cannot administer any other shots for pets less than a year old. Please see your veterinarian for your puppy's first set of vaccines.Vaccine clinics are open to residents of New Jersey or cats and dogs adopted from our shelter. There is no charge for the rabies vaccines; other vaccinations are offered for a fee. All animals that are brought must be restrained, either by collar and leash, or in a carrier. If your pet has had previous rabies, distemper and bordetella shots, please bring the certificate with you when you come to the clinic.Whether required for dogs or cats, rabies shots must be administered by a licensed veterinarian. The vet gives the owner a certificate of vaccination, and should file one with the county within 20 days.