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Dogs are scent-oriented, so they gravitate toward anything that smells like you. Shoes, slippers, and clothing will quickly become toys if you don’t safeguard such items behind a closed closet door. Keep clothing picked up, store shoes out of reach, and put laundry in a tall, closed hamper. Store jewelry, hair ties, coins, and other small ingestible items in containers or drawers, and secure any exposed cords or wires. Many dogs like to den under the bed or wedge themselves behind furniture, so put up temporary blockades to prevent your puppy from hiding where she shouldn’t.

Pixel the french bulldog puppy, , loves stealing slippers. Like, a lot.

Our line of dog slippers is extensive and has something for everyone. You can choose from a wide variety of adorable dog-styled slippers, ranging from black and white spotted Dalmatian slippers and gray sheepdog slippers to brown and white bulldog slippers, snow-white Bichon Frise slippers for women, ivory poodle slippers, strong brown St. Bernard slippers for women, and many, many more! These dog animal slippers look just like the real deal, and are crafted with love from cozy plush material � complete with velvety tongues and puppy tails! Plus, the non-skid soles will help keep you from losing your footing as you walk around in style.

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Drops Design’s amazing creative designers are the people responsible for this lovely silly puppy dog slipper. This French Bulldog puppy is going to make sure his humans constantly have cold feet. And he will NOT BE STOPPED! Watch for an epic slipper show down with major grumbles.

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I purchased two sets of little puppy dog baby slippers for two women, each expecting a baby next month. They arrived quickly but I was a little disappointed that the sets were quite different from each other. One set was of knit material in a warm latte brown tone but the other set was in woven material in more of a grayish brown tone.
I liked the knit ones much better and this left me deciding which recipient got the 'good' pair.
I may not have felt this way if I didn't see them side by side.

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