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The Puppia Orange Two-Tone Dog Lead matches the best-selling Puppia Soft Harness in unparalleled style and quality. Made of 100% polyester, this authentic Puppia Two-Tone Dog Leash features inner and outer contrasting black and orange colors, a sturdy, ni

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The Puppia Soft Harness is our best selling harness. It is made out of 100% Polyester Air Mesh, which is light-weight, breathable and very soft to the touch. Available in 12 different colors and 6 sizes, this harness is sure to fit most dogs very comfortably. This harness features soft edges (piping), some in contrasting colors, a genuine Puppia rubber label on the chest portion, an adjustable chest belt with a easy snap on/off buckle and a D-ring on the back to hook any standard leash onto the harness. Although this harness was developed with smaller breeds in mind, over the past few years, Puppia has added larger sizes to accommodate larger dogs.

Puppia Soft Dog Harness, Black, X-Small new

Puppia Soft Dog Harness, Black, X-Small Authentic Puppia Soft Dog Harness made out of 100% Polyester
Adjustable chest belt and quick-release buckle
Comfortable padded neck opening
Machine washable, but hand washing and air drying are recommended
X-Small – 10.25″ x 15″ Chest Girth / 8.6″ Neck Girth

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Harness your dog's happiness with this comfortable Mesh Soft Harness Vest by Puppia. Vest-style dog harness has padded mesh for extra comfort and support.

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The Doggie Diva Dog Boutique online () is launching a serious of pet product reviews to help dog/pet owers navigate the waters of the dog world. The Puppia Rite Fit dog harness () video is the first in our pet series, geared towards puppies. Puppia harnesses are a great choice when bringing home your new puppy, This Puppia soft harness is great for dog training, puppy obiedence and omits puppy choking. A soft dog harness like the original Puppia is soft all around and is a great comfort harness, it won't rub under your new pup's arms. All the pressue lays on the dog's chest and legs and in the end, your doggy will thank you. Today we are featuring the Puppia Rite Fit dog harness because it is similar to an original but has an adjustable neck, which is perfect for growing puppies and we think it's a pefect solution for dog owners. No more choking, it's not fair to your pet. Reviews coming soon for antlers for dogs(), Pet Zip dog joggers, Kwigy Bo dog carriers (), Jaraden dog carriers, dog interactive puzzles, etc.... Enjoy!

For dogs fully grown and larger then 35lbs, Doggie Diva suggests the XXL Original Puppia Dog Harness ().Harnesses are a great way to attach a dog leash without risking choking the animal. Unlike a collar, a pulls at the dog's legs, chest, and stomach areas rather than the neck. They're great choices for dogs who like to pull on the leash. In addition to being used for walks, harnesses can also be used for puppy obedience and dog training. However, it's important to have a harness that's made out of soft material in order to provide comfort around the neck and chest and to avoid rubbing under the arm area. Puppia is a brand that's known for its .Order your Puppia Dog Harness here:

The Puppia Harnesses are the best in the industry! They are Soft, adjustable at the head and body, washable in great colors. Please enlarge size chart. The dog's chest size or breast girth is the best measurement. Puppia Brand Harnesses are the best Because they offer the best Comfort - No chafing- Padded for safety. The harness protects the neck of your dog against the pull and strain of a collar. The harnesses are double stitched for strength, and softly padded under your furry friend's chest. Made out of high quality soft fabric with a breathable mesh, so comfortable for your dog and prevents chafing. Step-in Style is Easy on & Off- No need to go over the dog's head. You can easily adjust the belt of the harness. Durable and hand washable. Recommended by veterinarians all over the world. . It comes from the industry leader and has been knocked off repeatedly.The Puppia soft harness is made from a spongy, synthetic mesh fabric. I’ve found it to be durable, surviving countless rolls through the grass as well as many trips through the washing machine on delicate (I hang it to dry). One drawback is that the piping, which is a different material than the mesh body of the harness, tends to attract and trap dog hair, even after going through the wash.