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Rex Specs protective eyewear for dogs are stable on the face while still allowing for full jaw motion and range of view thanks to its dynamic strap system.

Doggles Protective Eyewear for Dogs Anti Fog 100% UV Size Small Flames #Doggles

Doggles are the original protective eyewear for dogs, and the preferred choice among search and rescue, police, and military dogs. Comfortable and stylish, they're perfect for hunting and working dogs, post-eye surgery, light sensitivity, or car trips.

The cool new Doggles are real stylish protective eyewear for dogs

Image detail for -Doggles - Stylish Protective Eyewear for Dogs - The Green Head “She was pretty much the celebrity when we walked into class,” Brode said. He added that Ariel started the semester wearing standard-issue lab goggles until he bought the Doggles, protective eyewear for dogs, a couple weeks later.

Doggles Protective Eyewear for Dogs

Only the inventors of canine eyewear could bring you this innovative product! Our Doggles Mesh Eyewear in Blue is the newest alternative in dog eye protection.Why We Love It:This mesh eyewear by Doggles is breathable and still protects your pet from the sun's UV rays. The best part? It doesn't impair your dog's vision, still allowing them to see a full 270 degrees!This mesh eye protection for dogs is ideal for pets with medical conditions, or dogs working in the field. It protects against abrasions and poking injuries. This screen material for dog's eyes also guards against insects and blowing debris. The mesh eyewear is made of breathable UV mesh that filters out 50-60% of UV rays while allowing for all-day wear. Elastic and adjustable straps hold the eyewear in place comfortably. Available in 4 sizes and 2 colors.General Sizing Information:X-Small: 1-10 Pounds - Head Strap and Frame: 11.5-15" - Chin Strap: 9-10" - Breed example: Chihuahua, PomSmall: 9-25 Pounds - Head Strap and Frame: 13-16" - Chin Strap: 12-14" - Breed example: Beagle, WestieMedium: 20-60 Pounds - Head Strap and Frame: 18-23" - Chin Strap: 15-18" - Breed example: Dalmation, Border CollieLarge: 50-100 Pounds - Head Strap and Frame: 20-24" - Chin Strap: 19-22" - Breed example: German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever

Size (Length* x Height*)XS 6in/15cm x 2.5in/6.4cmSM 7.5in/19cm x 3.5in/9cmMD 9.5in/24cm x 4in/10cmLG 12in/30.5cm x 6in/15cm*Length is the measurement from one corner of the frame to the other (corner of eye to corner of eye). *Height is the measurement of the eye portion of mesh.

Doggles ILS Racing Flames Protective Eyewear for Dogs

Presently, there's only one dog goggle manufacturer, and that's Doggles. Their goggles are equipped with shatterproof, anti-fog lenses that offer 100 percent UV protection for a dog's eyes, and the product has received veterinary approval. The company currently offers two styles of eyewear. A dog wears the new Doggles, a new protective eyewear for dogs, in an undated photo. Doggles claim to protect dog's eyes from foreign objects, wind, and UV light.