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And it goes without saying that groomers need a top quality product, the top of the range professional dog hair dryer, to take care of thorough drying when each doggie client comes out of the

4 HP, 150 CFM, 12 Amps Professional Dog Grooming Force Air Pet Dryer with Heat Brushless...

B-Air®’s reputation for producing high-quality professional pet drying products doesn’t end here. The was created specifically to support the bond between pet and owner. These dog dryers are endorsed by Cesar Millan, world-renowned dog behaviorist, and he has provided a number of tips and tricks for drying your dog that you won’t want to miss.

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3 HP, 150 CFM, 12 Amps, Variable Speed Professional Dog Grooming Force Air Pet Dryer with Heat Our philosophy is to provide the finest engineered dog hair dryer models to the dog groomer and dog lover. We only sell factory direct -That means 40-50% savings to you. Our dog dryers are custom built-to-order and usually ship in 2-5 business days. We know that there are many websites that offer dog dryers. In your search, consider the value in each dog dryer, where it is manufactured, the innovative features, warranty and whether or not you can customize more than the color. At Dog Shammy, we have custom-built dog hair dryer models for many professional groomers using our experience in noise reduction, variable speed, electronic controls, engineered materials and manufacturing. Our latest model was born from demand from professional groomers who liked our innovative foot pedal design but also required variable speed in a dog dryer. There is no finer variable speed dog dryer on the market today that is as feature-packed as our Model DX7 – all for under $224.00.

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Professional dryers are more expensive, but they also work much faster. They're specifically made for dogs, so it's safe to say they're going to have safety features in place to prevent injury to your pet.

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Should dog dryers have auxiliary heaters or not? If you are drying dogs in a normal temperature room, then there is no need for a dog dryer with an auxiliary heater. The dryer will take in room temperature air and discharge the same or slightly higher air. In most dog dryer designs, the incoming air is directed over the motor thereby cooling it. Therefore there is a slight temperature rise in the incoming air. This is normally not excessive and is considered safe. While heated air would aid in the drying of the dog, we strongly recommend that you do not use any dog dryer with an auxiliary heater element. The risk outweighs the reward. A dog left unattended with a heated dog dryer is in danger of hyperthermia (body overheating). Yes, it may take extra time to dry a dog without super-heated air, but the safety of the dog should always come first in a professional salon and for any home grooming.Since professional dog groomers may groom a variety of dogs, a variable speed dog dryer is the only dryer they should be using. A variable speed dog dryer allows you to dial down the air flow for much smaller and sensitive dogs. A side benefit of a variable speed dog dryer is that the noise reduces proportional to the speed reduction. For home grooming, a variable speed dog dryer allows you to dial down the air flow for sensitive areas on your dog. A variable speed dog dryer has an infinite number of air adjustments versus a two-speed dryer. We highly recommend variable speed dryers for any breed of dog due to their versatility and lower noise feature.