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Tried-and- true professional styling tools, Les Poochs’ brushes tackle tangles with ease. The number and curvature of the brush pins were carefully designed to provide outstanding grip on fur, gliding from roots to tip. The flexible center and long pin length allows the brush to contour the dog’s body and reach deep down to the skin, where most mats reside. Just a few strokes remove a substantial amount of dead hair, which stays in the bristles until you eliminate it – no fur flying around as you brush! And the ergonomic handle reduces strain on the arm and wrist. For really tough mats, our mat zapper is a pro and pet owner favorite. It is the go-to first line of defense in an “emergency” coat situation. It’s unique bristle layout demats up to 50X better than our regular brush line.

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Canine Campus offers professional grooming services for your pets. Our groomer, Nicole, shows how to correctly, gently and effectively brush out a dog with a slicker brush.

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30%OFF Mars Professional Advanced Maxipin Dog Brush, Solid Wood Handle and Stainless Steel Pins Brushes are primarily for the surface coat (guard coat) and are your primary tool for getting out mats.1. Gently brush down your dogs coat. Brush in the direction of hair growth, do not brush against the grain.2. Don’t force out tangles, this can be very uncomfortable for your dog. try using a detangle spray and a slicker brush. 3. Never brush the same spot more than 3 times, otherwise you may irritate and damage their skin and hair follicles. A professional grade slicker brush will prevent irritation by having soft, bendable bristles, although they do cost a bit more.

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For short haired dogs, grooming is still just as important. A short haired dog can still have an overwhelming amount of shedding fur in the spring and require professional de-shedding! While you may not need the services of a professional groomer as often- you’ll still need to bathe, nail trims, clean ears, teeth brushing and do basic care for your pet. Short haired dogs are susceptible to hotspots as well, they aren’t as common but they still happen! Loose hair that isn’t brushed out can clump up and form mats that become a breeding ground for bacteria no matter the length of the hair.

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