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If a dog can pull hard enough on a prong to cause themselves eye damage imagine what kind of pressure they can initiate on a standard flat collar and think twice about using it if your dog is a heavy puller. much of what is written here makes very little sense in the real world. The prongs evenly space pressure and provide just enough surface discomfort that pulling is uncomfortable; it has nothing to do with mimicking a mother's or any other dog's bite around the neck.

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Additionally, unlike a traditional collar that pulls on the dog’s neck in only one direction – usually up against the trachea – the Martingale closes tight like it is gripping the dog’s neck all around. This makes for a safer, kinder, and gentler communication via leash-tug that the dog can feel more quickly. It is also safer for little dogs with delicate or weak necks, as the pressure is distributed around the entire neck. And I also believe that by gripping the neck all around the Martingale more closely mimics the sensation of being picked up by the mouth of the mommy dog (they’ll often pick their young puppies up by the scruff of the neck). So the communication is felt on a more innate level and most dogs are more responsive to it.

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Pretty Bling Rhinestone Pet Dog Collar Chihuahua Pet Supplies Collars for dogs leash Honden Harness sets Cat Puppy pet Collar Overview: The Martingale is my go-to collar, what I love introducing new dog owners to. It is a nice balance of giving the dog comfort and freedom while giving the handler control and power. It can sit idly as just a pretty collar that holds the dog’s tags if your dog is a well-behaved couch potato, or it can become a powerful training tool for fearful dogs, hyperactive dogs, and even aggressive dogs. It isn’t perfect for dogs with extreme aggression quickly triggered by other dogs or people, nor for dogs that pull incessantly on the leash. But otherwise, or if you don’t know yet where your dog falls in these categories, the Martingale is a great place to start.

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