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Two groups in Fargo are hosting events on Saturday for pit bull awareness day. Prairie Dog is hosting an array of activities from a pit bull kissing booth to dog costume contest at their facility (5370 51st Ave South) at 1 p.m.

This year Rosie is a prairie dog. She's so happy about her costume, can't you tell?

Across Bangkok, the herbivorous borrowing rodents, which are native to the grasslands of North America, have become much sought-after exotic pets for thousands of people. Many of them congregate regularly in parks so their animals can spend some time with their kind. The get-togethers also serve as opportunities for owners to show off their prairie dogs' latest costumes. Occasionally the animals' enthusiasts stage fancy-dress competitions for their prairie dogs at shopping malls.

Swarley the prairie dog was squeezed into a sandwich outfit and

Prairie Dog Costume On this visit, she showed me some nice pictures of when she was pregnant and doing school visits in several villages on the desert prairie. Her husband also works for Pronatura Noreste. He helped Adorit on these outreach visits, getting inside of the prairie dog costume of the campaign’s mascot. It was just great to see the couple working together on their Pride campaign—both very happy to be expecting soon her first child.

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13 Adorable Literary Pet Costumes For Halloween (PHOTOS) ..

Bing and Swarley are adorable and patient enough to deal with their owners putting them in a bunch of weird outfits and situations. When one was put in a sleigh and the other pulled it for a Christmas post, they didn’t complain. When they were dressed up as pilgrims for Thanksgiving and posed outside with a plush turkey, they gave their best poses and didn’t question it. When Bing was put in a hotdog costume and put on top of Lil’ Sebastian, who was also wearing a hotdog costume, they both knew what they had to do. These are some dedicated prairie dogs, and at times it’s hard to tell where the personalities of the owners stop and the personalities of Bing and Swarley begin.P-DOG: In one of the most ingenious pranks ever pulled at the Capitol, that stands 2 feet tall, wears a Superman costume and used to reside in his Senate office. Soon he was getting postcards from all over the world, showing his prairie dog in London, in Antarctica, even at opening day of the Colorado Rockies.