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Give small pets and animals with limited mobility a leg up with this set of folding pet steps. Three stairs make getting up on beds, sofas, and Olympic-medal pedestals less of a challenge for dogs and cats. The staircase folds up for easy storage and its lightweight design makes it extremely portable.

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Designer 4 Step Pet Stair with Removable Cover
Useful portable 4-step stairs for smaller, older or disabled dogs. Made of durable plastic covered in dark red-brown removable and machine washable carpet treads. Steps feature slightly inclined surface. There are rubbery anti-slip bottom grippers.

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Pet Stairs Dog Steps Cat Step Ramp Portable Wood Folds Durable Strength Fun New #PetFurniture But first, here's a little information on how to choose the perfect fit among the best dog stair for your pet. It's important for pet parents to know exactly why they need a set of dog steps or dog ramps, and then how to use those pet steps and how to teach your dog to climb these dog steps.

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The top step of the set of stairs, often referred to as the platform, need not be equal in height to the couch, chair or vehicle that your pet needs access to, that is unless your dog is injured or otherwise unable to climb. (But if that is the case you should probably forget about portable pet steps altogether and consider one of our many portable pet ramps instead.)

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Less of a set of steps and more of a single one, the PortablePET Twistep is a semi-permanent solution for any dog who has trouble getting into the car on their own.Most pet steps are either ramps or stairs, all are a great benefit to dogs and their hips and their owners and their owners backs. Otto Step offers a slightly different approach to helping your pet into your SUV. Otto Step is completely portable, you insert the step into your trailer hitch receiver, load your pet and stowe the step in the back of your SUV or pickup.Simple but practical lightweight portable dog steps. An all-open rectilinear frame is built of black-painted plastic tubes. Three rectangular steps are crafted of solid wooden planks with a nice natural finish.If your is slow or has difficulty getting up on to things, stairs and ramps can be quite useful. Stairs can be placed next to stationary resting areas, like a bed or couch. Ramps are portable, can fold up, and be taken places; these are ideal for getting in and out of the car. It’s important to choose a ramp or stairs with an anti-skid surface, giving your dog a place to grip his paws and making it less likely for him to slip or jump off the edge. Positive reinforcement should always be used when teaching your dog how to use the ramp or steps. This reinforcement will make the experience more enjoyable for your dog, and make him more likely to use these devices with confidence even if you aren’t present.