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Although a dog playpen, or exercise pen, may not be the first thing on your must-have list, this piece of equipment is surprisingly useful. Like a , they serve as a way to contain your dog. But unlike a crate, they give him plenty of space to move around and play. Most dog exercise pens are made of connecting panels that can be be set up for use and then folded for storage. They're offered in various sizes, to match the size of your dog. They also come in various materials, from nylon and plastic to metal. Some have mats on the bottom, some sit directly on the floor or ground. And, if your dog is an escape artist, you may want to try some of the exercise pens that even have a cover. See how useful they are:

Plastic dog playpens are great a great choice for puppies and smaller dogs.

Our Rover pet enclosure pens are made entirely of vinyl plastic, and with good reason! This heavy-duty industrial strength PVC is far superior to any other material used to make dog pens and many pet products. The vinyl plastic has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. You might be amazed as to how strong and durable our pet products are, and yet pleasantly surprised that they are so light in weight.

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The negatives wire dog playpens are that they are heavier than plastic pens and they can rust over time. Now here is a dog playpen that combines the strength of metal playpens with the safety / versatility of plastic playpens - but with a higher price of both. Combined.

Product - IRIS 24'' Exercise 4-Panel Pet Playpen with Door, White ..

Playpens that are of average build quality will often come in commercial-grade plastic, occasionally in thicker metal or even wood (rarely). Lastly, good quality builds for outdoors are usually made out of thick metal materials, and for indoors, hardwood will be used to keep the playpen stylish and sturdy. The market on playpens for dogs continues to expand and new products are constantly making their appearances, but we've narrowed down our list to five items and will now try to find one best playpen for dogs.

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Yes, the plastic makes it easy and convenient, but yes, it also makes it more flimsy and easy for determined dogs to push around and escape from. Unlike wire-frame pens that have sturdy forms that keep its shape, the plastic panels are easily deformed and the plastic hinges aren’t the best at keeping the structure firmly upright.