Dogs and cats are calmer and happier with this E collar alternative.

A few months ago when he had a different ulcer healing from dry eye, he was given meds and a cone to wear while it healed. He had been used to the cone for a few days at this point and when we were home, he would always be monitored right near us with his cone on, and in his kennel when we were at work. I left the room one night to do something for about a minute and I heard my dog gasping for air and I ran to him as he was running to me. Somehow His cone got bent and was sticking into his trachea and cutting off his airway. Luckily i was home and was able to remove it quickly, because my dog would have suffocated and died if I wasn’t. It was so scary for both me and my pup. I’m not exactly sure how he managed to bend it, he may have walked into a wall or the end of the couch after I left the room for that minute, Who knows. All I know if that he will never again wear a regular plastic Elizabethan collar. This comfy cone is a miracle to me currently as he is now healing from his second surgery and has to wear it for 4 weeks. Just beware of the potential dangers of the plastic cones. It may have been a total freak accident that happened to my dog because I have never heard of that happening either. I just don’t want it happening to anyone else’s little friend.

The Cuddle Cone™ e-collar is a comfortable alternative to hard, plastic dog cones

While they don’t last as long as conventional designs, paper collars are a great choice for pets who are a bit more relaxed and don’t showcase signs of hyperactivity, anxiety or other negative personality traits. A paper collar will give your dog a greater degree of movement, won’t restrict his or her hearing or vision as dramatically as a plastic cone and will still prevent your companion from being able to lick or scratch at a specific area.

The Cone of Shame: Elizabethan Collars and Your Pet

If your dog hates wearing a plastic cone (Elizabethan collar), give this DIY comfy dog cone a try The traditional plastic cone, which is also sometimes called an E-collar or pet cone, is a sized plastic cone that keeps dogs and cats from turning their bodies to lick or chew on surgical sites, hot spots, or injuries.

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If you own a dog, likely at some point he’s had to wear the “cone of shame”. It’s that plastic or hard fabric cone collar that is worn around the neck and flowers out the head and just looks completely uncomfortable.

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