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The origins of the Doberman Pinscher come from Apolda in Thuringen, Germany in the 1870s. Louis Dobermann, a tax collector and local dog pound owner is credited with the creation of this breed. Dobermann needed protectors and intimidators on his tax collection rounds due to traveling in bad areas. Louis would take certain dogs with him, but he wanted to develop a breed that was hardy, intelligent, of sound temperament and had quick reactions. He also wanted a dog that was strong and had more of a guarding instinct. Within record timing, Dobermann created a breed from the German Shepherd, German Pinscher, Weimaraner, Rottweiler, English Greyhound and Manchester Terrier. This breed was called the Doberman, obviously due to his name. Most authorities feel they came from a shorthaired shepherd, the Rottweiler, a German smooth-haired Pinscher and a Black and Tan Terrier. At first, the breed was quite vicious and was said to attack "even the devil himself". They were difficult to keep, and courage was needed to own and train one. In America around that time, one Doberman won three Best in Show awards before the judges even looked at the teeth. When they finally examined his mouth, they discovered he had several missing teeth--a major fault in the Doberman. Today, the breed has been bred down to have a more cohesive personality and easier training capabilities. This is credited partly to Otto Goeller, who took over the breeding of the dogs after Dobermann's death. Goeller created the German National Doberman Pinscher Club in 1899, and the breed was given official recognition in 1900. Around WWI, America began to seek out this new breed, while in Germany the breed was lilting due to the war, and scarcity of food. In 1948 the breed gained a club in England, and soon after was given recognition by the British Kennel Club. In 1977 the Doberman was the second most popular breed in America, and today the breed thrives as a popular police dog as well as a guide dog for the blind. The Doberman Pinscher is a medium to large sized dog with a shoulder height of 63-72 cm (25-28 in) and a weight of 27-45 kg (60-100 lbs). Some Doberman Pinschers weigh over 100 pounds, usually serving as guard dogs or police dogs. The Doberman Pinscher has a long, wedged shape head, almond-shaped eyes, a flat skull, and erect ears (which may be cropped). They have small, round feet and docked tails.

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Doberman Pinscher. Really it's a tie, my favorite pure breed dog is between the rough Collie or the Doberman Pinscher. I find them both to be beautiful and intelligent.

There are very few dogs that I would not train with a prong collar