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Do you have a dog-and-cat household? Have you introduced dogs and cats? How do your canine and feline housemates get along, and what did you do to help the process along? Please share your tips (and photos of cats and dogs together!) in the comments.

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Most of us, as children, had a favorite teddy, blanket or pillow, and dogs and cats do just the same thing – oftentimes, the toy they played with when they were youngest will remain their favorite. These before-and-after photos show adorable pets growing up together with their very favorite chew toys.

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Group Of Dogs And Cats Together Begging - Download From Over 58 Million High Quality Stock Photos, Images, Vectors Can dogs and cats live happily together? It can be hard to tell: For every YouTube , there is an equal number of adorable photos of the two species . In reality, often the best of friends — or will at least tolerate each other amicably enough.

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In my opinion cats (and dogs) are the cutest things in the world, but sometimes cats with dogs are even cuter. I found some of my favorite photos of really adorable creatures who love each other so much even though they're different. So here are a bunch of photos of friends just enjoying themselves together.

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