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For Whistle to become a viable company, getting its products into PetSmart, Petco or the equivalent (and building these relationships with vets) will be critical. If they can do that, and even perhaps capture an entire aisle, they’ll be rolling in dog treats.

Couple things you can do. Put coins in a can and rattle or drop can. Try dog whistle at Petsmart. Get a BAER test which only big cities seem to have.

This was a hard review. When I tried this whistle out, my dog responded, but so did everyone else. The whistle is adjustable for range, but I didn't find any range that she could hear and we could not. So for all of us who have grown up on the idea that a dog whistle is silent to us, and yet powerfully loud to a dog, this is going to be a disappointment.

The next day I went to Petsmart and bought a silent dog whistle. The packaging even said SILENT. It was, if the sound of spitting in the wind is a silent one. Aside from that weird, airy fppph sound, the dog didn't even seem to realize I was blowing it. No reaction at all.

Now I am even more confused. Is a silent dog whistle silent? Do they EVER work? So I went to Youtube for an answer. I found one video where a control team went to a dog park to experiment with their silent whistle of yet another brand, and had the same exciting results as me. The dogs didn't even flinch.

So I have come to the conclusion that this whistle is not a bad deal. My dog responded to it better than the true silent whistle, and it can be blown in a sharp manner to attract human attention if you are ever in trouble. The slim, portable design makes it great to carry with you everywhere.

But if you are looking for silent, you'll be disappointed.

I got this whistle here:

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Apr 9, 2009 - Checked out silent dog whistles at Petco & PetSmart and they had bad reviews Whistle and PetSmart have teamed up to offer the first insider’s experience guide for dog owners – – to discover new local trails and activities for their pets in cities across the United States. The guide is filled with curated dog-friendly trails, parks and recommendations on eateries for dog owners to enjoy with their furry family members. Places featured in include local favorites and best-kept secrets to give dog owners new opportunities to enjoy memorable experiences and special sights with their dogs, increasing the bond and connection of this treasured relationship.

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An inexpensive dog whistle saved the life of Roxy, a 2yearold French bulldog/Pekinese mix snatched by a coyote in the presence of her owner, Jaclyn Kornreich. Jaclyn, 17, a recent Oak Park High School graduate, took her pooch for her usual walk at the Palo Comado trail in the Jordan Ranch area of Oak Park on June 8. Although the dog is generally kept on a leash on hikes, Jaclyn set Roxy free to take a dip in the small spring of water. "The dog loves to go swimming in this pool- she gets hot walking," said Jaclyn's father, Dale Kornreich. Apparently the sight of an 18pound dog wading in the pool caught the attention of a coyote who was lying in wait in the thick bushes adjacent to the pond. In just seconds the coyote lunged at Roxy and trotted off, carrying the dog by its head. "I looked up and my dog was in the mouth of a coyote," Jaclyn said. Jaclyn chased the coyote while blowing a whistle PetSmart dog trainer Linda Voller had recommended. The whistle was loud, Jaclyn said, but according to Voller it's the whistle's high pitch that annoys dogs- and coyotes- enough to stop them in their tracks. The whistle's high frequency pitch is inaudible to the human ear, but dogs respond to the sound during training sessions and in the wild, Voller said. "The coyote freaked out and looked at me and looked back, and just stopped with the dog in its mouth," Jaclyn said. "The whistle made it seem really disoriented."

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