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Of course, stores do not want animals unless they are enclosed in a container–for liability reasons. Yet Petco and Petsmart both continue to welcome leashed well-behaved dogs who are not in strollers or crates.

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Pet Gear AT3 No-Zip Pet Stroller at PetSmart. Shop all dog strollers & bicycle baskets online. I plan to make sure that this one's gonna work and then either return the dog stroller to petsmart (although...I don't have my receipt and they've since marked them down to a$79.99...not sure how long that sale's gonna go on, but I want to return the dog stroller at full price if possible). It has only been used 2x and I had blankets in it when she was in there, so it's like brand new. If I can't return it to Petsmart, I'll probably sell it on ebay or something.

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