Personalized Leather Dog Collars

Our classic soft leather personalized dog collars are made out of full grain sturdy genuine leather. The inside of this collars is padded with softer leather to ensure extra comfort for your pet. In addition to looking great, these leather personalized dog collars are well-made yet lightweight. They are designed not to cause any discomfort to your pet while training, walking and playing. These personalized collars for dogs with customized metal buckles allow you to engrave up to four lines of contact information depending on their size, which can contain: pet’s name, your contact number, address esc.

Personalized Leather Dog Collars & Leads-that way the tags can't come off.

We sell all of our personalized leather dog collars and custom nylon dog collars by"Dog Neck Size Measurement".
Collars are personalized Free of additional charge.

Personalized Leather Dog Collars

Classic Personalized Leather Dog Collar with Brass Buckle -- 3 colors to choose from These leather personalized collars come with a stainless steel dog collar name plate that fits up to 4 lines of personalized information in your choice of 13 fonts. That’s plenty of space for your dog’s name and owner contact information. At dogIDs, we use a strong fiber laser to engrave our collars – meaning that every dog collar name plate is engraved to the highest quality and precision and will not wear off. We guarantee it for the life of your pet.

Black Personalized Leather Dog Collar with Handle Extra Large Breeds

This custom leather dog collar is made with the dogID ScruffTag™ Design. The ScruffTag is an engraved metal nameplate that is built into the collar to sit right on the back of your dog’s neck. This makes it easy for humans to read your dog’s contact information – no close encounters necessary! With a personalized nameplate, you no longer have to suffer with the annoying jingle jangling of hanging dog tags and you don’t have to worry about your dog losing her information when she plays.

Personalized Leather Gray Dog Collar with Handle Extra Large Breeds

Leather Dog Collar With Personalized Nameplate. This would be great for my puppy because whenever he runs around, his collar tags make so much noise!Our personalized are a great option if your dog has short fur or sensitive skin. Each collar has an outer layer of durable bridle leather collar, with a softer, more pliable leather padding built in to sit on your dog's neck. These collars are just as durable as a regular leather collar, but softer on your dog's neck. The other great thing about the padded collars is that the main part of the collar can still be in a traditional leather color like black or brown, but you can add a pop of color with the padding. For many of our customers, personalized and custom leather dog collars are a symbol of luxury, durability, and class. Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime guarantee, these genuine leather dog collars will actually get better with age as they form a patina and create their own “signature” based on use and wear.Our Personalized Leather Collars have both awesome durability and functional dog ID information. Made by hand, these collars will withstand the test of time and the test of your rough and tumble dog!