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But you are a minority among humans according to recent statistics: only 33% of pet owners keep identification on their critters. Sadly, the return-to-owner rate (RTO) for a lost dog in particular is only about 10% to 30% in most places, worse still for cats. It’s a no-brainer: your dog needs some kind of ID on her. And if you are not doing this one small but important thing for her, why on earth not? Dog ID tags, a personalized dog collar, and the microchip: they are three inexpensive but important lines of defense against lost—and even stolen—dogs.

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There is wide agreement that your dog’s name and your cell phone number belong on both his collar and his ID tag; the city where you live should also be engraved on his tag. But there is more to consider:

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If you have an open-ended collar for your dog, the could be a great option. These tags provide more space per side for personalization than traditional hanging tags, and minimize noise. They won’t jingle with every move your dog makes. Our slide-on tags have ⅛-Inch wide openings that can easily slide onto open-ended leather, nylon, or waterproof collar straps. However, they cannot be used on collars with breakaway or quick release buckles.

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Embroidered Dog Collars and Dog ID Tags: Perfect Partners
The Humane Society of the United States places “identify your dog” at the top of its . An ID collar and tags certainly would have helped bring Maggie home sooner. Each strategy is excellent alone, but they work better as a team. Your dog’s collar should have his name and your phone number embroidered on it in a clearly visible, contrasting thread color. You can think of his personalized collar as an extension of his tags, the backup plan if they come off; a naked collar is no good without them.With a traditional , you hear every move your pup makes, and sometimes it drives you crazy. We completely understand, which is why we offer customers our identification tags and personalized nameplates. Both options give you a jingle-free, quiet lifestyle and can hold all the information you feel necessary. Not only that, but you can rest easy knowing that should your dog get lost, their information is easily readable right on their personalized collar, making it even easier for them to find their way home. They’re classy and available with a wide variety of our collar styles. But be careful, they’re so quiet your pup might have an easier time sneaking up on you!