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Dogs that deal with mud, snow or water in their regular walk will need boots that are higher than usual. These best waterproof boots for dogs from Megipet provide protection for the dog from the paws to higher up around the hock for the hind legs and higher than the wrist on the forelegs.

Think of the Ultra Paws® Pawtectors™ waterproof boots as galoshes for your dog

Do the puppy booties you just bought come off after a few strides in the snow? Maybe you need dog boots that stay on. The Moonsea Waterproof Durable Canine Boots is especially designed for mutts in locations where it’s snowing all year round as well as in other areas where you have seasonal snow. The material used in its construction gives the Moonsea first-rate protection from slips while keeping the paws warm and comfy in snowy conditions. Because it’s waterproof, Fido can also wear it during rainy days without worry of paws getting wet and moldy. The sole is designed to be breathable, too, keeping bad odors at bay.

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These dog shoes are water-resistant, but they are not waterproof. That being said, if your pet will be outdoors in these dog boots for a long period of time, you may want to go with another option but there's really a lack of choice of dog boots for rain. Furthermore, owners have noted that these are still good dog rain boots and seem to work fine to an extent. From the drawbacks, the biggest complaint about these best dog booties is that they do not fit as expected. Thus be sure to measure your dog’s paws according to the website’s instructions, and there should be no issue.

Jelly Wellies Premium Rain or Shine Waterproof Dog Boot

Love the Petacc dog shoes but are quite put off by the style? Well, how about the Petacc boots instead? Like the other Petacc product, this one is ingeniously designed with superb paw protection afforded by its super thick padded outsoles. This helps guarantee protection against accidental cuts which might get infected if you’re not careful. The rubber outsole has a well-designed tread pattern allowing for superior grip. It’s flexible enough not to get in the way of your mutt’s mobility. It can readily chase away at its prey or even enjoy playing with you outdoors without having to worry about the Petacc ever slipping off its paws. It’s also waterproof and comes with a reflective Velcro strap giving it superior visibility even in darkened environments. Spotting Fido is no longer a headache.Usually, if your pup is very active outdoors on a regular basis, that stay on can be beneficial. Dogs that hike, walk on rough terrain or spend a lot of time outside in extremely hot or cold temperatures need their paws protected. For owners in rainy or snowy parts of the country, best waterproof boots for dogs would be ideal.