Salt Dough Puppy Paw Print Christmas Ornament - Crafty Morning

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Watercolor paw print with the colors of my dogs birth stones- getting this for SOPHIE

I have my two dogs paw prints tatooed on me. What I did was have them walk through some mud. Not real muddy, more like wet dirt. Then they walked on some tea towels (they refused to walk on paper - guess we trained them too well!!). The regular towels, like hand towels won't do as well because of the loops in the material. The smoother the material the better. The tatoo artist then photocopied the prints and then did the whole tatoo thing.

I also took photos of their paws - which was a chore in itself. They just did not want to sit still for that. Keep on trying until you get a good print. When mine are visible, I get tons of comments on them. The tatoo artist who did mine said he had another customer who had all her dogs prints tatooed up the side of one leg.

Dog+Paw+Print+Tutorial - Pinterest

Whether you prefer to use an impression or a print, you'll need to prepare your dog's paw for the process. Mine are in the oven as I type this out! Thanks for the great idea! I told my husband about it and he had me mix up your recipe on the spot…We got 6 paw prints out of this recipe. We have 3 dogs, so that’s a set for us and one for the in-laws., the just love their granddogs!! :D
Thanks again and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

DIY Pets: Preserving Your Dog's Paw Print

So I had found these super cute paw print canvas photos for your dogs on Pinterest. I thought, "Hey, Pat Pat is probably close to death. Let's do this as a little memoir for her. Heck, what if my dog dies randomly? Let's do it for all the dogs!" I spent days plotting in my head and reading several articles on what methods were puppy-friendly and the best tactics to do this. Most of the people had smaller dogs and just set them in their lap and quickly did it, but the dog looked extremely uncomfortable. I have much much larger animals, and I never want my pets to be uncomfortable under any circumstances. Their comfort and happiness mean more to me than a piece of canvas with their paw print.

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