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First things first, you’ll need to measure your dog’s neck at about where you’d like his collar to sit. You can also measure his existing collar. For every inch of length, you’ll need one foot of paracord. In this tutorial, I’m using hunter green and blaze orange paracord to make a 16-inch collar. So I cut one 16-foot length of each color.

By choosing a Paracord dog collar, you are adding a personal charm to your dog’s fashion, as well as adding many comfort benefits.

The nylon strap base with double stitched end points provides consistent strength beyond the mesh of paracord. Woven by hand in the , the collar is available for many sized dogs with necks from 11” to 19” and comes in 10 colors. It sells for $35.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a paracord dog collar

KONG Adjustable Red Paracord Collar for Dogs, size L/XL • Reflective, Paracord Collar• Neck sizes 20 in- 30 in This Sanctified edition paracord collar is a made to order item. This item can be made in any colour combo, feel free to have a look at our colour chart to find a perfect match for your pooch. Easily cleaned and gives great support for your dogs neck, due to its wide design. NOTE - Nametag and metal buckle not included!

Paracord Dog Collar, Halti Collar: 9 Steps

I got my paracord at Michaels in their jewelry section. The amount of cord needed will depend on how tight your knots are. I found it easiest, for my dog’s 14″ collar, to use the entire package of 550 paracord, aka 16 feet. I had a little leftover at the end. Good luck!

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Start off by measuring your dogs neck with a flexible measuring tape, or measure his/her old collar. For every inch of collar you will need a foot of paracord, ...Keep weaving until your piece (including the buckles) measures approximately the same size as your dog’s neck. So for my example collar, I wove until the piece measured about 16 inches. Again, err on the side of a little bit bigger. Paracord will shrink up a little the first time it gets wet, so any slack or unevenness in your weaving will be corrected the first bath or rainstorm the collar experiences.This is one of my newer handmade 550 paracord dog collar. I try to be different from everyone else by reinventing how the collars looks and feel to the dogs. This unique paracord dog collar is very comfortable as it conforms to the dog's neck yet is still a tough material.These collars are intended for walking the pet, and not for normal daily use. All three of these options produce a loose collar that is slid over the dog's head and a leash attached. The pulling of the dog on the leash causes the collars to tighten. All are tricky to measure, and basically impossible to tie on a jig. These collars rarely have ID tags attached.The most obvious variant is based on the same concept as the common "choke chain" collar. In the paracord version, you start with two rings, of equal size. Tie from one to the other, with the cord running through the first ring to get to the second. The design you use should slip easily through the metal rings, so be sure to use a tightly tied design or "slippery" design. A round braid would be the most obvious option, but a tightly-tied solomon or double-layer solomon (aka King Cobra) are also popular. The choke collar has a maximum neck size (the furthest extension) but essentially no minimum neck size, so this design is very flexible for non-custom work.