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Why? You and I might really like to eat dehydrated papaya and find it really tasty, but dehydrated papaya have much less water content in them than fresh papaya, and a whole lot more concentrated sugar levels as well, both of which negatively affect your dog’s well-being.

Gray’s Papaya is known for their hot dogs and juice drinks, not necessarily their humility.

Reading the above paragraph, you might be all set to head down to the fruit shop and grab some fresh papaya right off the shelf. Well, just hold on one minute. Imagine that you are your dog (I’d love to be a dog). And you are feeling pretty ill, your stomach is playing up. You have gas, bloating and just general stomach issues. And then your owner dumps a big old pile of papaya into your bowl, and wants you to eat it up. That’s not exactly an appetising idea. In fact, eating all of that papaya might make matters worse. The truth is that to get a decent amount of papain from the natural fruit, you would have to eat a big old bowl of the stuff. Plus, it would have to be unripe, green papaya to get the full benefits. Not even a hungry dog would touch that. The reason these chews are so good is that they contain a high extract of papain, but come in flavours that dogs will enjoy, like chicken. Plus, giving a dog a chew after a heavy meal is something that many people do anyway, so it may as well have the benefits of papaya in there.

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Papaya is not only beneficial to us humans, it’s also beneficial and a good-to-go fruit for dogs to eat. They look similar, much like all papaya places in the city, with yellow and red being the décor’s dominant colors. They have standing room only — Gray’s with it’s traditional counter facing out the window, and Papaya Dog with high tables in the corners. The grill, the hot dogs and the drink dispensers all look exactly the same as well.

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At Gray’s Papaya, the drinks are delicious. They taste like juice — no obvious chemical additives there. Gray’s also offers breakfast, a plus for the early birds looking for cheap food. The hot dogs are traditional and the buns are crispy.

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The late chef once described Papaya King’s frank as “the best hot dog in New York.” In a review, said “the main draw, the hickory-smoked hot dogs — a beef recipe seasoned with garlic, oregano, and other tasty spices — is difficult to forget.”The most well known enzyme found in papayas is papain which is excellent in helping with digestion and nutrition absorption. Papain helps with irritable bowel syndrome as well as being anti-parasitical. Dogs that suffer from digestive issues can benefit from papaya’s high amount of papain as well as papaya’s high fiber and water content.