Furhaven Ultra Plush Oval Dog Beds.

When shopping for a dog bed, look for a style that will accommodate the needs of the dog, to include his size, age, temperament, and sleeping habits. There are numerous shapes and sizes of dog beds, and finding one to suit even the fussiest canine is a simply matter of knowing which styles match which specific traits. Dog beds can be rectangular, round, or oval in shape, and a dog's sleeping style determines which shape will best suit him. Consider special needs, such as whether a dog needs a temperature-controlling bed or one suited for the outdoors. Whether a dog likes to cuddle up, stretch out, sleep in a kennel, or lounge around outside, there is a dog bed that will keep him comfortable and happy.

Furhaven's Nap Ultra Plush Oval dog beds are designed for pets who like to curl-up in comfort

dogs that sleep curled up generally prefer or . Round and oval dog beds are available in designs both with and without bolsters. A dog bed without bolsters allows a dog more freedom of movement. Other dogs are drawn to the added security from being enclosed that bolsters provide.

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If you love a great geal, then you'll love the deals on oval dog beds! dogs that like to circle around before snuggling down on a soft surface may enjoy the comfort of a . Sometimes referred to as "donut" or "bagel" beds, nest dog beds can be round or oval-shaped, with cushioned bottoms and raised sides. The sides may either fully enclose the bed, or will have an opening in the front for easier entrance and exit. Some nest beds use polyfill to make the sides soft and pliant, but others have structured sides made from soft foam.

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