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While WAG Boarding Steps™ are designed and engineered for outdoor use, they can serve a dual purpose as dog stairs for your bed that allow your dog to easily join you for the evenining!

PVC dog steps for your bed made with outdoor carpet , wood and zip ties !!

We also carry outdoor pet steps as well as ramps for dogs that like to play in the water (and what dog doesn't?). You'll find models for swimming pools, boats and docks. Have you ever tried to pull a big dog out of the water and onto a boat or dock? It's risky business for both people and pets because injuries can easily occur.

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PVC dog steps for your bed made with outdoor carpet , wood and zip ties !! And don't forget areas outside the home! We manufacture cedar pet steps which are great for many outdoor applications! Use them for decks, doggy doors, vehicles - they work well just about anywhere. Need a special size? No problem. Just call us with your dimensions for a custom step quote.

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It is essential to note the rise or height of each step. For example, regular outdoor or indoor stairs have individual step rises that measure approximately 6.5 to 7.5 inches in height. Therefore, the dog steps you choose should be of a similar size.

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In addition to outdoor pet steps we also carry pet ramps that serve the same or similar purposes and are suitable for outdoor use as well. You may want to consider a ramp instead of outdoor pet steps if your dog or cat has trouble going up or down stairs. Even feral animals that accidentally get into swimming pools have been known to make a safe exit using outdoor pet steps and dog ramps for pools. Again, it is because these products can be seen by animals that have an extremely limited line of vision while treading water. Outdoor pet steps that are designed specifically for swimming pools are an important safety feature. These steps are visible from a dog's vantage point while treading water. A lot of pools already have steps, but they are under water. Dogs can't see underwater pool steps when they are treading water and their head is just barely above the water line. A lot of people keep outdoor pet steps in their garage so they can be used to help their dog to get in and out of a vehicle. If that is your plan, be sure to check the weight of the product to be sure it's not too heavy for you to maneuver. If you determine that outdoor pet steps may not work for your dog as well as a ramp, you might consider our attractive wooden ramps made by Doxie. For a nominal additional charge you can order Doxie ramps made from pressure-treated wood (no stain) with a walking surface covered with waterproof and mildew-proof turf. Dog stairs made of wood. It consists of 5 steps. Dedicated to medium sized pets. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Functional design for each home.