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It is hard to improve the TT10, but Garmin did a great job updating the TT15s. On top of that, Outdoor Dog Supply added a nice touch with the reflective collar and antenna. With the GPS/GLONASS receiver, I never lose GPS signals on the collars. Also really like the vibration feature of the collar!

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1 One dog already had the collar and the "base" that can track multiple dogs simultaneously. We have the Alpha 100. This collar is the T15 while our other dog already has the T10 and both collars work with the "base" device and it is super easy to use. This Outdoor Dog Supply website is the BEST place I have found to purchase replacement parts such as batteries and antenna's. I had a very difficult time on other websites and I really like the ease of use for these folks is great. Love this product, it works perfectly!

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Their name really does say it all. Ruffwear dog collars are made for the outdoor types who like to abuse their gear. They are a great option for those that take their dogs out for hikes and mountain climbing. They come in a few different styles and colors, but all of them are as rugged as the next. You will still be able to find something that allows your girl dog to stand out from the boys with the collar pictured above. It may look simple, but it’s tough. They also have more common collar types available. You’ll always know your dog is secure when using Ruffwear products and dog collars.

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Enjoy the playful, bright design of this collar with barely-there feeling! Take your pup on a walk around the park or an adventure in the woods with the lightweight, durable design that will leave your dog feeling comfortable all day long. The anti-moisture design along with the soft feel of neoprene is ideal for any dog with sensitive skin. This flexible, water-resistant collar is the perfect addition to any great outdoor journey! Take on your next adventure with the latest in outdoor dog gear! Join our mailing list to receive exclusive updates and sales on our handpicked collection."I bought 2 of them - an orange collar and a blue one. I couldn't decide on which collar so I bought 2 because the price was right! My dog Duke rolls around in everything he possibly can. His mesh collar that I had just purchased less than a month before was getting so dirty and worn out from all the washes, I decided to shop around. These are so easy to clean and look as good as new despite how dirty and muddy he gets. I'm especially glad I bought the orange one because we go to the dog park a lot and when all the dogs run in a pack, I can spot him quickly and easily. Because he's a growing puppy, it was also easy to cut shorter so there wasn't too much extra collar. However, because he is growing so fast, it looks like I cut it too soon and too short because I'm slowly but surely letting it out more and more. I will definitely be back to buy more from The Dog Outdoors!" - Queenee (Duke's mom!)Outdoor dogs need collars for a variety of conditions. Water and rain, cold, rugged terran, trees and undergrowth, night and low light. These outdoor dog collars let you and your dog enjoy the freedom of the outdoors without compromise.