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Finally consider that dog dryers are considered "professional" equipment, designed and built for long term service. While a common hair dryer is cheap to purchase it is not designed for either extended use (drying a fully show-coated Bobtail can take upwards of 4-5 hours) or for a long service life (100 operating hours would be a good life for most of the "cheap hair dryers and even a quality one is unlikely to pass 250 hours). Back in my teenage years we would go through dryers at a rate of 3-4 a year. Mom and Dad finally said enough of the "nickel and diming" and shelled out the then horrific sum of about $Cdn 300. Several years later I coughed up about $CDN 450 (don't you just hate inflation) for a second one when I was planning to attend university away from my home town with my beloved Punk "in tow". Ultimately I didn't move out but stayed home during university so I was blessed with the availability of 2 full size OSTER Professional series dryers. By circumstance both of those dryers are still in my possesion and with minimal maintenance have performed flawlessly for quite literally untold 1000s of hours. If you do the math you'll find yourself are well ahead of the game in just a few years.

Oster Hi-Velocity Adjustable Table and Cage Dryer -- Check out this great image : Dog muzzle

Oster Hi-Velocity Stand Dryer is adjustable and contains a height stand that you can maneuver to direct your dog to the position you want him or her in. The adjustment stand is made from tubular steel and features three different heat settings (as well as a setting for air only). You not only can adjust for height; you can adjust for flow and air direction as well.

Oster® Hi-Velocity Adjustable Table/Cage Dryer.

Poster stand dog dryer cool air and three heat settings only used a few times excellent condition text for pics CLICK FOR WIKI ►►

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Oster Hi-Velocity Adjustable Table and Cage Dryer contains three, high-velocity heat settings as well as an “Air Only” setting for puppies, dogs with sensitive skin, or cool-down periods. There is a thermal overload switch for increased safety when cage-drying and the knob on the dryer is adjustable. The heat varies from 70 degrees to 140 degrees, and the overload switch prevents overheating.

Pictured is an Oster Dryer Motor

The program for which I qualify is not a repair but a complete replacement. I send in my old model dryer and for a reduced cost I get a factory rebuilt new model dryer. If parts were available to repair my dryer I would do it myself - I NEVER pay anyone to do things that I can do myself! But I can't complain that these dryers owe me anything nor can I legitimately complain that parts are no longer available for such an obsolete product. I estimate that I have completed over 1100 dog dryings with these so that amortizes them down to something in the order of $0.50 per bath. I would say that meets any quality, longevity and cost effectiveness criteria anyone could demand of any dog dryer. As far as I am concerned Oster makes an excellent product and I will never hesitate to recommend them. I included several other examples in my last post so you could make a comparison and come to an informed decision of your own. Obviously I think the Oster Model 309-61 should be your choice but only you can make that final decision. It is after all your money being spent.