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Here at Eli & Jojo’s, we use only certified organic ingredients for all of our treats. Organic ingredients are, for the most part, more expensive. This means the dog treats we make will cost more than dog treats not made with

Remember - You can make almost any dog treat recipe organic, by using organic ingredients.

There are very few dogs that do not enjoy . If, however, your pet does not like these best organic dog treats, the company guarantees to fully refund the price paid for the purchase (or you could always donate them to a friend or local shelter!). Although the treats do not smell appealing to humans (and most treats don’t), they don’t seem to make dog’s breath smell and a quick wash will take any odor off of the pet owners hands easily and quickly.

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My Organic Dog Treats We are proud to offer your companion a selection of uncompromised, eco-friendly, dog treats using only the freshest 100% organic, non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMO), and human-grade ingredients. We love making our nutritious dog treats as much as dogs love eating them! We’re glad you’re here. Come sniff out our site.

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all organic, human grade, sourced inthe USA, no grains, gluten free, nothing artificial or chemical of course, AND of course, like the Peanut Butter treats, it is LIMITED ingredients! A huge hit with dogs and people alike!Everyone has been taste testing!

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We are just Different! With a capital D! We aren't just"natural" our product is organic, that means real quality control. Our philosophy isn't just to pump out as many treats as possible for profit; and grow as fast as possible. Our philosophy is to giveyour dog, MY dogs, clean nutritious treats. We feel that the profits will follow. And this is bearing out to be true!Organic Dog Treats - Woofie Pies - All Natural Organic Vegetarian Carrot and Yogurt Cookie Sandwich Dog Treats - - Shorty's Gourmet Treats on Etsy, $6.50Our treats are made with the health of your dog in mind AND we also want them to be yummy! All the recipes were developed to be nutritionally beneficial to your dog. We feel that are absolutely the best! The average dog will gobble about 13,000 treats in his lifetime, QUALITY matters! My focus is on quality, quality,quality.

We use USDA Certified Organic, human grade ingredients from human supply chain distributors. Our products have LIMITED INGREDIENTS! There is only about 5 food ingredients in eachrecipe. Our products contain NO colors, NO chemicals or artificial ingredients, NO preservatives, NO sugar and of course, NO corn, wheat, soy or other grain and are gluten free. Our treats aremade in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Our recipes are limited ingredients no more than 5 ingredients! So you know EXACTLY what is in each bag.Dogs just like children want to get treats for good behavior once in a while; organic dog treats are the best treats. The sole reason for these organic treats is that they are more beneficial as compared to the rest of the foods.