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The protocols for the feeding trials and the nutritional profiles are made by AAFCO. Some people are critical of the protocols, including the feeding trials, on the basis that they are not strict enough. However, they are the only tests we have, so they are better than nothing. For the most part, the large dog food companies use feeding trials and the smaller, independent dog food companies use nutritional profiles to gain AAFCO approval. This is because feeding trials, which can last several months, with dogs and paid staff, are expensive. Nutritional profiles are less expensive.

dog food; or purchase the food online or directly from the pet food company.

Only 3 companies make all food?!? Except the small ones that have a bad record?! Oh me. Somebody tell us what is the best dog food. Not all this, “it depends” mess. There has to be a healthy food!

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that can only be described as reckless, today Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Company picked a .. Alpha Dog Food is an online pet food company based in Swedesboro, NJ that caters to dog owners with large and multiple dogs. We offer all-natural fresh baked dog (and cat food) in larger bag sizes.

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As it happens, many “facts” about dog foods are myths. They have simply been repeated so often on the Internet or promoted by pet food companies that they are taken as truth. A lot of dog food information is not black and white. For example, you can find decent dog foods at the grocery store. You may not find a five-star holistic food there (though we have bought organic, top quality dog food at the grocery store – it depends on the store), but you can regularly find quality, nutritious dog food at the supermarket for a modest price. It usually takes a little research to identify the better foods. You need to read the labels and know the ingredients, for example. Like all other segments of the pet food retail market, supermarkets are keeping up with trends. You can even find grain free and other specialty foods at most grocery stores. Of course, if you want dog food with higher meat content and more specialized ingredients, you will probably need to head for a pet food retailer or buy dog food online. However, in some cases, fledgling small dog food companies will introduce their new foods through local grocery store distribution. This is how began their sales in Texas. If you are lucky enough to live close to a small company just starting out, go ahead and try some of their foods at your local supermarket. You might be able to buy a terrific food for a very moderate price – at least until the company goes national.

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