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Nutro Max Large Breed Adult Formula Dry Dog Food is Scientifically formulated for dogs 50-lbs and over. Nutro Max Large Breed Adult Formula Dry Dog Food is optimized for the protein and fat needs of large breeds.

Judging by its ingredients alone, Nutro Max Grain Free looks like an above-average dry dog food.

Nutro Max Adult Recipe Dry Dog Food offers a great-tasting recipe that uses only natural ingredients, such as real farm-raised beef and whole grains. Nutro MAX never uses artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat or soy protein. And because they are committed to giving your dog the highest-quality, safest food available, every recipe is made right here in their own U.S. facilities.

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Nutro Max canned dog food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4 stars. I’ve fed my dogs Nutro Max, both the lamb and rice and chicken and rice, for about a year and a half. I switched from Beneful (which I fed them due to budgetary restraints). After the switch they both would puke about three times a week. I have a boston and a boston mix. I decided to switch to Beaver Dam Select which has more protein and less carbs and no longer have the puking issue. I consulted a local dog food expert who suggested the reason they were puking was due to the corn in the Nutro Max. The pups are much happier now. It seems to have cleansed their system. I initially bought Nutro Max because it was a good balance between price, quality, and quantity, but Beaver Dam Select seems to be the best bet for us.

The Nutro Max product line includes eight dry dog foods

For what its worth we fed our dog Nutro dog food from puppy age through about 7 years – at 1yr she developed seizures and we had her on potassium bromide because the vet diagnosed it as a genetic disorder (sh also routinely threw up yellow bile). At 7 years we decided to switch her food to Origen and within a month she stopped having any seizures and has been seizure free (and yellow bile vomiting free) and is now 15 years old. I do not know what exactly sparked her seizures but it was definitely in the Nutro and I only wish someone had told me to try switching her food years before.

Nutro Max Grain Free Dog Food | Review | Rating | Recalls

Nutro Products Inc, is a subsidiary company of Mars Incorporated. It produces a range of dog foods including Max, Natural Choice and Ultra brands as well as Greenies treats. The company has an interesting history. John Saleen purchased a dog food brand from a British businessman in 1926 and re-named the company Nutro Products, moving the headquarters to California. Nutro was a family run business and its USP was that it only used products available locally. This continued until the company was purchased again in 1976 and expanded globally. It now sells pet food in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.I like the whole and natural ingredients that are included in the Nutro Dog Food Original Formula. I also like the kibble size and the flavor involved for her to enjoy. The kibble gives her the crunch that she enjoys as well as the care to keep her teeth and gums healthy as well as bone health, a shiny coat and her digestive system running smoothly. The vitamins instilled in the formula gives her a healthy start to enjoy life. It provides a good energy level so she can run and play to keep her moving and enjoying life. I would like larger package sizes though as well as more flavors introduced so she has a variety and will not tire of her food. More natural ingredients should be introduced into the food so that it is more closer to nature. More digestive additives as well as gum health, tooth care for cleaning, vitamins for a shiny coat as well as hip and joint and muscle strength. Eye health is needed too for aging bodies.