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There have been some complaints about the product, but they are overshadowed by the excessive benefits it offers to your dog. So, if you are looking for an easy solution to keep your dog fit, while feeding it on yummy food, Nutro Ultra Weight Management Dry Dog Food is a perfect option for you. A number of ultra dog food reviews have come to the same conclusion as this.

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Hi Mike,
I am new to your site! My little Yorkie has allergies I had her on Stella and Chewy’s a five star and like another reader, she had a bad experience and I had to take her to the vet. For a small dog she is 4 pounds what would you suggest? I bought today the Nutro Ultra holistic superfood for the small breed which I see you have not reviewed or does it fall under this category? And then I bought Freshpet Vital which is a refrigerated food in a roll. I am a very nervous mom because my last dog the vet overdosed with an insulin shot, and I blame the vet 50% and the food that I thought was good on the other 50% because she never should have had that problem to begin with. I only want my Yorkie on a 4 or 5 star food. 5 star would be ideal. I know kibble is not that great so either canned or raw. Please help!

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from the same company may wish to check out our review of Nutro Ultra dry dog food. After starting Harley on Nutro Ultra, she began a gradual decline in her health, 3 weeks later she had an extremely bad UTI, drank water excessively, urinating frequently and everywhere, especially places she knew she should go (on the couch and on the beds), she had foul body odor, trembling, and her coat had bad dandruff. At first the vet thought that this was not related to the food change(but she sever told us what the other symptoms could be from really ) so we gave her 2 weeks of an antibiotic (Clavamox, which had great reviews on results). When I saw the labs, she had crystals in her urine She seemed to have much improvement after the meds were done (not 100%) so we thought she should be fine. But a gradual decline occurred right away and 2 weeks later again we are now starting another round of UTI treatment. I am 99.9% sure that this happened because of the food. So right now I have switched her to the bluebuffalo wilderness for small breeds (no transition) and the first day shows improvement all ready. NO accidents have happened from the time when the dog took the med. So I will write more when I discover it was the food doing this to her little body. Instant for running $240 in tests. I am going to use my holistic approacph by giving her the Blue wilderness food from now and also until she is feeling better I will use the wysong Ph Biotic – as well. If I was wrong then I guess I’ll runn their $240 tests but I am pretty sure I’m correct in this matter.

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I had a shih tzu growing up that was fed Nutro Max, she led a long and healthy life for 15 years before she became extremely ill and had to be put down two years ago. I knew I wanted another shih tzu for my family as an adult and 2 months ago we finally found a 1 year old, Harley, we rescued from a family that couldnt afford to take care of it (literally the dogs fur was horribly matted and it had no real dog toys, treats, or a bed and they named the dog Smooshie which we changed easily, I felt so bad for the dog). The dog was being fed Beneful and the previous owner gave us the rest of the bag she had when we took the dog. Now if you look it up on here, it is an awful dog food. I didn’t want her to have so many new things thrust upon her at once so even though its awful food, I didn’t change her food immediately so that there was a more gentle acclimation to her new home and less problems for her. 3 weeks after we got her we switched to Nutro Ultra just because I knew that the Nutro brand worked well for my previous dog and the Ultra ingredients were better than the Max.

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