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NUTRIPET dry dog and cat foods contain no by-product, wheat or soy fillers. They use highly digestible chicken meal, rice and oatmeal for even the most sensitive digestive systems. The added L. acidophilus enzyme supports easy digestion and optimum nutrient absorption for pets of all ages, making it easier for puppies and kittens to transition to solid pet food.

Nutripet Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4 stars.

Nupro All Natural Dog Supplement is an all natural, holistic product that replaces essential vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes lacking in processed foods. The formulation replenishes nutrients that dogs would have obtained out in the wild. Only contains quality ingredients and an incredible array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. It’s one of the most nutritionally complete natural substances found on earth.

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I have a 10 yr. old picky Pit bull with a sensitive stomach, and a 9 year old Olde Boston Bulldog with allergies and a sensitive stomach. I have tried every high end dog food known to man. Finally a salesgirl at our local feed store recommended NutriSource. OMG! For the first time in my […]

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My favorite product today: Nutripet Dog food. Your dog will love the taste and not know that he is getting stronger and healthier with every bite! $58 may seem like a lot of money for dog food, but not only is it better for you dog, that money also gets you a whopping 40 lbs!you pay around $21 for 20lb bag of generic food that just feeds your dog in comparison, the price isnt high at all. Like all Amway products, if you try this you will never feed your dog anything else!NutriSource is dedicated to improving the health of pets everywhere. We’re family owned and passionate about cat and dog food. We hope you’ll join our community so you can truly know your source!NutriSource® Seafood Select Grain Free is made with delicious Salmon as the #1 ingredient that features excellent palatability, digestibility, and taste dogs love. NutriSource® Seafood Select Grain Free features the NutriSource® exclusive [...]NutriSource® Weight Management Chicken & Rice Formula provides super premium nutrition in a scientifically formulated easy-to-digest food designed for maintenance of less active adult dogs that may tend to gain weight and also for overwei [...]