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When you need to keep your canine out of certain rooms or areas of your home, the North States Extra Wide Swing Pet Gate provides an effective barrier. Pet parents have many reasons for restricting a pet’s access to a specific area of the home. You may want to keep your dog in a certain room while you are away to limit potential damage. A wood pet gate can also be used to keep a pet secure while you have guests over. Many new parents also use pet gates to keeps their dog out of a nursery or play room. Whatever your reason for needing a wood pet gate, North States Extra Wide Swing Pet Gate can do the trick. This extra wide wooden expandable dog gate can stretch and secure extra wide doorways or openings. This can be especially useful if your home has an open floor plan or if you want put the gate across the stairs. The North States Extra Wide Swing Pet Gate is constructed from sturdy wood that will effectively limit your dog from getting through. This wooden expandable dog gate features four-point steel hardware for mounting. When you don’t need to use the wood pet gate, you can easily remove it from the hinge and store it out of the way. Don’t worry about having to step over the gate every time you need to get to the other side of your home. The wooden expandable dog gate includes a door that you can open with one hand. The safety latch is childproof, so the little ones won’t be able to accidentally play with your pets without your supervision. This pet gate from North States is made in the United States.

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Keep your pet safe and secure with the North States Easy-Close Pet Gate in White. This metal walk through dog gate lets you easily move around your home while keeping pets in place. Adjustable pet gates can be expanded to suit a variety of spaces in your home. The North States Easy-Close Pet Gate in White is easy to install and use. The pressure mount system features tension knobs that you can adjust to secure the gate in place. The side extensions let you expand the gate to fit openings between 28 and 38.5 inches wide. Adjustable pet gates give you the flexibility to install it almost anywhere in your home. The pressure mount system lets you create a secure pet barrier without damaging or permanently altering your home. This metal walk through dog gate lets you pass easily through the gate without having to disassemble it, step over it or let your pet through by mistake. The triple locking system ensures the metal walk through dog gate stays closed when you need it shut. These pet gates also have a hold-open feature that prevents the gate from closing if you want to allow continuous pass-through. For your convenience the gate swings both ways, ideal for positioning inside doorways. This gate’s heavy duty construction and polished design are sure to work and look great in your home. The decorative burnished steel comes in clean white – the perfect complement to nearly any style of décor. The sturdy, well-designed gate is sure to provide you with long lasting service. The North States Easy-Close Pet Gate in White stands 29 inches high – great for most dogs.

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Mar 14, 2017 - North States Extra-Wide Swing Pet Gate at PetSmart. Shop all dog gates online. Keep your pet safe and secure with the North States Easy Swing & Lock Pet Gate. This easy-to-use dog gate features a design that can be operated single-handedly, great for busy pet parents. Adjustable pet gates like this North States model are ideal for a variety of room openings, giving you versatility with installation. The North States Easy Swing & Lock Pet Gate has an adjustable design to cover room openings between 28 and 48 inches wide. At 31 inches high, this dog gate is great for many dogs of all shapes and sizes. The swing-open design lets you open it single-handedly, walk through room openings and lock it behind you in one smooth motion. Because the entire gate swings open, you don’t have to step over any thresholds that could potential trip you. These pet gates will even stay open and swung out of the way when not in use. North States pet gates are designed to be stylish as well as functional. This gate’s decorative matte bronze finish is sure to look great anywhere in your home. The sturdy metal provides you with long lasting use. The included hardware features door-like hinges for one wall and secure safety latches on the opposite side. Gates included all hardware needed for mounting and installing them in your home. The North States Easy Swing & Lock Pet Gate is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association for use with children ages 6 to 24 months. If your household has young children as well as pets, this dog gate can provide double duty keeping your family safe and secure.

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