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When I first assembled the bowl, it sealed nicely, though it's difficult to get the rubber sealing rim over the piece it goes on. Within two days, the seal came loose and couldn't be fitting again. This bowl is pure garbage! It's supposed to be spill-proof, with a "new easy to clean design" per Jeffers' description. It's easier to clean because it doesn't seal. It leaks from the sides where it's supposed to seal. It's sloppy; even when less than half full the dogs are able to slop water everywhere. And calling it a 2 quart bowl is misleading. First, it doesn't hold 2 quarts. Second, if you did fill it close to the top, water would flood everywhere! Never again. Now I know why nobody else carries it. I'll never make a purchase from Jeffers again. Companies that sell trash like this have no integrity.

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Does your dog make a complete mess when it drinks water from a bowl? Then check out these cool new . These decorative Earthenware water bowls are handmade at a century-old ceramic studio in Southern California and designed with an innovative convex shape and protective rim to help prevent spills and splashes. Each bowl is kiln-fired with a lead-free glaze for durability, are extra stable to prevent flipping, and are decorated with a little yellow stick illustration on the interior. Hmm, or get for yourself as a mess-free soup and cereal bowl. Available in two sizes.

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What kind of features are crucial for you when you purchase water bowl dog no spill large? The Neater Feeder for Dogs, large and small, is an innovative elevated dog bowl for food and water, inspired by our sloppy, but loveable, dog's dining habits. We designed this dog bowl with protective walls to contain water splashes and spills preventing water overflows onto the floor and up the walls. Instead, the spilled water drains safely into a lower reservoir. So if the dog water bowl is accidentally kicked or your loving pet slops water around while drinking, there is no fear of water spillage with the .

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The Buddy Bowl 64 oz is perfect for large dogs. Made from FDA #1 non-toxic polyethylene the bowl is spill-proof for when you're on the road or if you just want to protect your floor. To protect your dog's food from contamination, The Buddy Bowl has a covering. It also stops water from evaporating easily so you don't have to continuously fill up your dogs bowl anymore. The Buddy Bowl will make your special pal happy and save you from cleaning up messes! Measures 10" diameter, 5" high and with an approximate 4" reservoir hole for drinking.Leadtry Dog Bowls Stainless Steel Dog Bowl with No Spill Non-Skid Silicone Mat 24 oz Feeder Bowls Pet Bowl, 2 Pack Portable Travel Collapsible Dog Bowl, All for Dogs Cats and Pets Food Water Feeding